Pre-Cut Exhibition Mats

Exhibition Mats, window mats
Archival Methods’ Pre-Cut Exhibition Mats save you time and money.

Let’s face it, folks, a well-cut window mat is a piece of fine art in-and-of-itself. A good mat will ENHANCE your photographs, artwork and collectibles, while a crappy mat will DISTRACT from whatever you’re presenting. As a quick example drawn directly from Archival Methods’ VERY popular series of six (count ’em, SIX!) illustrated blogs on Mat Cutting (please click here to see all six of these informative blogs), this is what I’m talking about:

Exhibition Mats, window mats
A pristine, accurately cut mat will enhance ANY work. Here this acid-free mat performs three important functions: it elegantly ENHANCES the piece; it archivally PROTECTS it; and it essentially “DISAPPEARS,” as all the viewer’s attention is drawn to the photograph itself.

Exhibition Mats, window mats
In this instance the photograph itself “disappears,” as most of the viewer’s attention is focused on the ripped-up corner in the top left, the smudged right-hand border, the overcut on the bottom right, the doinks to the beveled mat edge here and there, and of course the big, fat, greasy thumbprint on the bottom left (battle damage from a Romulan Bird of Prey?). Even though this damage was exaggerated a bit for the photograph, even significantly less damage is often EXCEEDINGLY distracting, again making the artwork or photograph “disappear” as one focuses instead on the crappy mat job. As a gallery director for 7 years and a practicing artist for 35, you can absolutely trust me on that one, folks.

In order to MAKE SURE you have the finest archival mats available anywhere, consider ordering Archival Methods’ Custom Cut Mats in any size or quantity you need. You can also choose our all-in-one Archival Mat & Presentation Kit, which consists of an single standard-sized acid-free mat and backing board / Tyvek hinging tape / crystal clear bag / and mounting corners available as a complete kit.

If, however, you need a number of standard-sized mats that each meet the exact same quality specifications as those described above, consider our Archival Solution of the Week: our hinged Pre-Cut Exhibition Mats, available in packages of 5 mats to save you TIME and MONEY!

With all of these matting options, our computerized mat cutting procedures (see photos below) and our strict quality control standards guarantee a perfect mat every time—and they are, quite literally, guaranteed—whether you’re ordering a single custom-cut mat for that important photograph, collectible or artwork, or you’re ordering dozens of pre-cut / pre-hinged mats for an upcoming exhibition or special project.

Exhibition Mats, window mats

As an integral part of our wide range of world-class, museum-quality archival products and services, Archival Methods offers tremendous value and ease-of-use with our Pre-Cut Exhibition Mats. When you need perfectly cut standard-sized hinged mats for your portfolio, for a professional exhibition or a student show, or when you’re matting a number of same-sized images for presentations or gifts, our Pre-Cut Exhibition Mats are the answer!

Illum. Manuscript Mat Open

Each precision-cut beveled window mat is made of 4-ply Bright White 100% Cotton Museum Board. Archival Methods’ Pre-Cut Exhibition Mats are sized for use with either standard 2 x 3 ratio prints or the common digital image formats. Each mat is delivered fully assembled with a 2-ply Bright White Museum Board backing hinged to the window mat (on one of the long sides) with archival Linen Tape. All that’s left for you to do is mount your photograph, artwork or collectible with clear archival Mounting Corners or Clear Print Mounting Strips and you’re ready for anything!

With so many sizes and options available, why consider going anywhere else for any of your mat cutting needs? Archival Methods’ museum-quality materials, our attention to detail, and our industry-leading customer service all mean that you will be completely satisfied with your purchase of our Pre-Cut Exhibition Mats—as well as ALL of our top-of-the-line archival products and services—or your money back.

It’s that simple!


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