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Archival Solution of the Week: USB & Memory Card Storage Kit



  memory card storage         memory card storage  
Let’s face it, folks, as small as these things are, we have ALL either LOST one of them (if not many!), or we have absolutely NO CLUE what’s on them.
Archival Methods’ new USB & Memory Card Storage Kit addresses BOTH of these issues, once and for all!
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Looking for a safe, archival solution for organizing and storing your USB flash drives (also known as thumb drives) and your camera memory cards? Is the small profile of these storage devices making identification of their contents difficult?

Well, Archival Methods’ new USB & Memory Card Storage Kit solves BOTH of these problems, once and for all!

memory card storage

This all-in-one kit provides organized storage for up to 48 USB drives and dozens upon dozens of memory cards. It also includes an Indexing Card and individual labels to help you sort everything out / get organized / keep track of what’s what!

The kit’s 8 Tray Bins (see pix above) will hold USB drives, camera memory cards (in their protective sleeves), & even 35 mm slides! (Please click here to see our fully-illustrated blog devoted entirely to archivally storing 35mm slides.)



USB & Memory Card Storage Kit: The Specs


This kit’s compact acid-free Gray Hinged-Lid Drop Front Box measures 5-1/8’’ wide  x  5-7/8’’ deep  x  3’’ high. It provides easy access to your contents, and is sized to also hold CDs / DVDs / and DVD-Rs in cases or sleeves.

memory card storage
Our USB & Memory Card Storage Kit: organization & identification made easy!
1. Index Card, for indexing and cross-referencing your USB drives and camera cards.
2. Perfectly-sized labels let you number or otherwise identify your media.
3. Easy-to-assemble acid-free dividers keep your Tray Bins organized.
4. One of the 8 fold-together acid-free Tray Bins included in the kit.
5. Assembled Tray Bin with dividers can also be written on and cross-referenced.
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To organize and store your USB drives, the acid-free dividers included with the kit create 6 separate storage spaces within each of the 8 Tray Bins, while the kit’s Index Card provides reference information for each divided section of these Tray Bins (see pix above).

The perfectly-sized 3/8 x 5/8″ labels – easily removed without sticky residue – can be used to cross-reference your USB drives’ or memory cards’ location within the kit, and provide you with the opportunity to add an index number or written title for each of these drives or memory cards.



memory card storage
All the component parts of our new USB / Memory Card Storage Kit can be assembled in minutes, as illustrated in these easy-to-follow, step-by-step visual instructions. One-Two-Three-BOOM! You’re done (and ORGANIZED!).



USB & Memory Card Storage Kit: A Last Thought



memory card storage



In closing, Archival Methods’ new USB & Memory Card Storage Kit is the PERFECT solution for your hard-to-keep-track-of USB drives and camera memory cards (and 35mm slides or CDs / DVDs / DVD-Rs!).

Yet while we’re on the subject of camera memory cards and such, please take a moment to read our fully-illustrated blog on National Photo Month / 3 Hugely Important Thoughts, which explains the REASONS you should consider printing your very best and most important photographs stored on these devices, and then archivally preserving these prints for future generations.

As a teaser, consider this:


“In 10 years, the most photographed generation ever will have no pictures.”



memory card storage
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After reading this short blog we guarantee that you will NEVER look at your digital photo files the same way again, and sometime soon you will be VERY happy about that!





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