Archival Solution of the Week | Triangular Roll Storage Box

Archival-quality corrugated Triangular Roll Storage Boxes provide safe, acid- and lignin-free storage for maps, prints, drawings and other rolled items, as well as other long artifacts in your collection or archive.

roll storage
Triangular Roll Storage Box. This unique design opens fully along the long side, allowing for the safe placement and removal of rolled or long items.

Let’s face it, folks. Storing rolled items (posters, prints, maps, large artworks on fine artist papers, etc.) can be a challenge!

First, you need to roll them up just right to fit into whatever size tube you are using. Doesn’t quite fit? Well then you have to re-roll it even tighter – increasing the likelihood of potential damage – or try to tighten it up by pulling on the edges of the core.

roll storage
Damaged, frayed, torn edge of a collectible poster. Repeated insertion and removal of any rolled item into a tube will eventually result in this sort of damage.

Then, just try and take your rolled item or artifact out of the tube. It’s usually difficult and often results in damaging the stored item.

That tube you’re planning on using – that you picked up at an office supply store, post office, box shop, or had floating around your home or office – well, I can pretty much guarantee that it is not acid-free.

So, if the general idea of placing a valued rolled item in a tube is based on protecting and preserving it, well, your heart is certainly in the right place but your rolled item isn’t!

Introducing the Triangular Roll Storage Box

The design of Archival Methods’ Triangular Roll Storage Box minimizes the kinds of damage that can be caused by storing your rolled artifacts in tubes. This easy-to-open design makes placing and removing your rolled object much easier and safer. It reduces the possibility of causing a wrinkle when handling the rolled item.

roll storage

As an added benefit, the Triangular Roll Storage Box will not inadvertently roll off your work surface, desk, or table, and stacks much more easily than a tube.

roll storage
We offer the Triangular Roll Storage Boxes in a 30-1/8″ length and a 36-1/8″ length.

Made with Museum-Quality Materials

Archival Methods’ Triangular Roll Storage Box is made from acid-free, lignin-free, E-Flute archival corrugated board – which exceeds 200 lb. strength tests – with a 3% calcium carbonate buffering to minimize potential acid migration from your rolled item.

Please Note: As all of our museum-quality Triangular Roll Storage Boxes are buffered with calcium carbonate, as mentioned, if these boxes are to be used to store architectural or other blueprints then it is important that the “blue” image side is rolled inward to prevent contact between the cyan of the rolled print and the buffered walls of the box.

The three 6-inch sides of this useful storage box fold in to accommodate rolled items with up to a 3-1/2″ diameter, which means you do not need to roll your item too tightly.

roll storage
Inside the blue box: an 8.5 x 11″ sheet of acid-free Archival Paper. Inside the red box: a piece of acid-free Filmoplast P-90 self-adhesive tape. The rolled item won’t come unrolled = ease of handling, and no adhesive comes into contact with the rolled piece itself.

Helpful Hint: To keep your rolled item rolled for easier handling while placing them in these convenient storage boxes, consider rolling them up and then wrapping them in a band or full sheet of acid-free Archival Paper that is taped closed with a piece of archival Filmoplast P-90 Tape. This will keep your poster / map / artwork rolled for easier handling, and no adhesive will come into contact with the item itself. Just slide this band or sheet of acid-free paper off your item for easy access / carefully slide it back on again when you’re finished.

While Archival Methods offers a number of sizes and styles of acid-free museum-quality boxes to meet your every need, sometimes rolling your items up is the answer. If so, look no further that our Triangular Roll Storage Box.

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