Introducing the 4 x 6 Simple Kit for Archival Storage of Photos and Postcards

There’s a New Kit in Town!

We are happy to introduce a new kit in our line of Archival Photo Storage Kits. The 4 x 6″ Simple Kit is just what it sounds like, and more. It’s simple to use, and offers safe, archival storage for 4 x 6″ photos and postcards. The kit includes one Metal Edge Short Top Box, one package of 25 Archival Index Cards, and one Photo Box Spacer to fill a partially empty box.

A Box is a Box is a Box . . . Nope!

The Short Top Metal Edge Box is sometimes called an “archival shoe box.” Many of us are guilty of using an old shoe box to store our old photographs and other collectibles. While a repurposed cardboard box might be a convenient container for photos, it is NOT a good choice when you want your photos to last.

This is a familiar sight to many – a hodge podge of old photos stored in an old cardboard shoe box. But, this is NOT an archival way to store your treasured photos and family documents!

Shoe boxes and even many of the so-called “photo storage boxes” commonly found in retail stores are made with materials that contain glues, acids, and lignins which over time can damage photos. Archival Methods specializes in archival storage supplies. Our handmade boxes are acid- and lignin-free and buffered with calcium carbonate for additional protection against acid migration.

The 4 x 6 Simple Kit is an excellent option for archivally storing and organizing your photos and postcards

4 x 6 Simple Kit versus 4 x 6 Archive 900 Kit

The new 4 x 6 Simple Kit is a great addition to our line of Archival Photo Storage Kits. While the 4 x 6 Archive 900 Kit is one of our most popular photo kits, the 4 x 6 Simple Kit is a good alternative. Stripped down to the basics, it’s an economical option that still allows you to organize and store your photos archivally.

4 x 6 Simple Kit – Black (Item #60-1050-BK)

The biggest difference between the two kits is that the 4 x 6 Archive 900 Kit comes with Archival Envelopes. There’s a two-pocket design for storing prints and negatives and space to record information about your photos. The 4 x 6 Archive 900 Kit also comes in the slightly larger Hinged Lid Box (#02-008 – 7-1/2 x 12-1/2 x 5-3/8” H). The 4 x 6 Simple Kit comes in a Short Top Box (#04-003 – 6-1/2 x 10-1/2 x 4-1/2” H).

4 x 6 Archive 900 Kit – Black (Item #60-900)

Both kits come with Archival Index Cards for additional sorting and labeling. The All-Purpose Index Cards-Trimmed is a new option and a smaller version of the original All-Purpose Index Cards.

The 4 x 6 Simple Kit also comes with the new Photo Box Spacer to prop up prints when a box is not filled. The spacer is scored for folding and can be re-scored or trimmed as needed. If you don’t need the spacer, simply order the box and index cards separately.

Capacity of these two kits varies. The 4 x 6 Simple Kit holds approximately 1,050 photographic prints. The 4 x 6 Archive 900 Kit, as sold, holds 900 prints. You can purchase another package of Envelopes to use with the 900 Kit. It can hold an additional 8 envelopes bringing the total capacity to 1,188.

Storing Postcards

The 4 x 6 Simple Kit is also perfect for storing a postcard collection. Use the Index Cards to label the postcards by location, subject, or sender. The capacity for storing postcards will be less than photographic prints since postcards are thicker.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us via email or telephone. We are always happy to discuss your options and answer your questions.