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Archival Solution of the Week:
Archival Mat & Presentation Kit



Are you looking for an all-in-one / pre-cut / easy-to-assemble / economical / 100% acid-free presentation mat for your photographs / artwork / collectibles / documents / or family artifacts?

Well, our Archival Mat & Presentation Kit is JUST the ticket, for all these applications and MORE!

This complete kit will let you professionally present, exhibit, and archivally preserve EVERYTHING you have, while giving you the peace-of-mind of knowing that you’re using Archival Methods’ museum-quality acid-free materials. 



archival mat
Our Archival Mat & Presentation Kit has EVERYTHING you need to professionally (and EASILY) mat your materials. By offering these kits in pre-cut sizes they’ll also save you $$$! (Please click on the image for more information.)



Archival Mat & Presentation Kit: What’s Included (everything!)


Everything you need to professionally (and archivally!) mat your materials is included in these all-in-one kits, including:


   4-Ply Bright White 100% Cotton Museum Board Mat, with bevel-cut window (click here for our full blog)

   1/8” Acid-Free Foam Board backing (please click here for more information)

  Crystal Clear Bag, with self-adhesive closure (please click here for our full blog on these great bags)

  Clear Mounting Corners, appropriate for the print size (please click here for our full blog on Mounting)

  Tyvek Tape, for hinging your mat to the acid-free backing (please click here for our full blog on Hinging)



Archival Mat & Presentation Kit: Available in 12(!) Sizes


Our Archival Mat & Presentation Kits are available in a DOZEN sizes – from our small 8 x 10″ mats all the way up to our large 22 x 28″ mats!  

To add flexibility(!) to these easy-to-use kits, each 100% acid-free mat has a centered window opening so that you can use them in EITHER a vertical or horizontal orientation (please click here to see our fully-illustrated blog that explains what a “centered” window mat is all about). This feature will also allow you to re-use each mat, should you so desire, whether your pieces are vertically or horizontally oriented.



  archival mat        archival mat  
“Standard-sized” mats allow you to easily use “standard-sized” portfolio boxes, drop front boxes, and frames for elegant presentations!
(Please click on each image for more information.)


While the window openings in each 4-Ply Bright White 100% Cotton Museum Board mat were designed to accommodate the most popular standard IMAGE sizes, the exterior dimensions of each mat were also chosen to accommodate the most popular standard Portfolio Box / Drop Front Box / & Frame sizes, making EVERYTHING a “standard fit” for both convenience and finished elegance (see pix above).


Our Archival Mat & Presentation Kits are available in the following 12(!!!) standard sizes (for BOTH vertical and horizontal applications):


           8 x 10  – Print Size 5 x 7″  /  Window Opening 4¾ x 6¾”

           11 x 14 – Print Size 6 x 9″  /  Window Opening 6 x 9″

           11 x 14 – Print Size 8 x 10″  /  Window Opening 7½ x 9½”

           11 x 14 – Print Size 8.5 x 11″  /  Window Opening 8¼ x 10¾”

           16 x 20 – Print Size 11 x 14″  /  Window Opening 10½ x 13½”

           16 x 20 – Print Size 11 x 17″  /  Window Opening 10 x 16″

           16 x 20 – Print Size 11.7 x 16½”  /  Window Opening 10½ x 15-3/8

           18 x 24 – Print Size 13 x 19″  /  Window Opening 12½ x 18½”

           20 x 24 – Print Size 12 x 18″  /  Window Opening 12 x 18″

           20 x 24 – Print Size 13 x 19″  /  Window Opening 11-7/8 x 17-7/8

           20 x 24 – Print Size 16 x 20″  /  Window Opening 15½ x 19½”

           22 x 28 – Print Size 17 x 22″  /  Window Opening 16 x 21″


If you’re looking to mat practically anything you have, and want an all-in-one package to make life easy (while saving you money!), please consider our Archival Mat & Presentation Kit. Flexibility, ease-of-use, and economical practicality are all there at your fingertips!





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