Archival Solution of the Week | Itoya Art Profolio

One of the most practical and economical presentation and storage folios we offer is the Itoya Art Profolio. Available in seven sizes, this easy-to-use, archivally safe presentation folio will protect and enhance whatever you place in it!

art profolio
Itoya Art Profolio is a good option for presenting and archivally storing photographs, materials from your family archive, and your collections! 

Itoya Art Profolio: Presentation & Archival Storage Made Easy!

1. Select the size(s) you need.

2. Insert your prints, photographs, artwork or collectibles.

3. Make a great presentation, or safely and archivally store your materials for the long haul!

Art Profolios come with 24 top-loading polypropylene pages that will hold up to 48 prints or documents. The pages are bound into the book and therefore cannot be removed nor additional pages added. Each page includes an acid-free black paper insert (we recommended you use archival photo corners to hold smaller prints and materials in place). 

art profolio

The reversible spine insert allows for customized titling and organization of this unique Art Profolio. The black polypropylene cover is acid-free and safe to use for both presentations and long-term archival storage.

art profolio
1. Removable / reversible spine label allows you to customize your Art Profolio. 2. Product label peels off easily, revealing a clean, sophisticated look.

Itoya Art Profolio: Sizes Available

Our Itoya Art Profolios come in a variety of convenient standard and digital format sizes, including:

8 x 10″ 8 1/2 x 11″ 9 x 12″ 11 x 14″ 11 x 17″ 13 x 19″ 14 x 17″

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use presentation or storage folio, one that will give you the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that your materials are safely and archivally secure, please consider Archival Methods’ Itoya Art Profolio. It’s elegant, practical, and economical!

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