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crystal clear bags
An old grade school diploma from the family genealogy archive safely stored in a resealable Archival Methods Crystal Clear Bag.



Archival Solution of the Week: Archival Crystal Clear Bags



So, a bag / is a bag / is a bag, right?

Well, not when its a museum-quality Archival Methods Crystal Clear Bag!

Our archival Crystal Clear Bags are the PERFECT solution for safely storing and protecting matted and umatted prints, photographs, artwork, documents & letters, genealogy materials, magazines & comic books, collectibles, and practically any other flat materials you can think of!



crystal clear bags
These important family letters and documents are being stored in Crystal Clear Bags for easy, RESEALABLE access and long-term archival protection. The optional white boards behind each letter are sheets of pre-cut 2-ply Conservation Mat Board sized to match each bag. These were placed in the bags along with each letter for added support and rigidity. (Please click on the image to see our MOST POPULAR BLOG EVER! – “Preserving Old Letters in the Digital Age”.)



The words “crystal clear” are included in this bag’s name for reason, as these strong RESEALABLE archival bags are as clear as glass (see pix below), and will allow you to see both sides of your irreplaceable materials during handling, display and storage.



crystal clear bagsA portrait drawing from the family archive nestled in a Crystal Clear Bag. The adhesive closure strip is on the BAG ITSELF, not the FLAP (see explanation below). In the lower portion of this image the release strip that protects the adhesive strip is being pulled back to expose the adhesive. When closed and sealed, your materials are safe to both handle or store indefinitely, and can be reopened and resealed time and time again. (Please click on the image to see our fully-illustrated blog on “Archivally Storing & Preserving Paper Drawings”.)



Archival Crystal Clear Bags: The Specs


Our Crystal Clear Bags are made of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP for short), which features excellent clarity and a low electrostatic charge (so as to minimize static attraction to dust). They are completely acid-free and inert, and will not “outgas” any of the harmful plasticizers that are sometimes used in the manufacture of bargain-basement bags – you know, the cheap bags with that nasty “vinyl” smell to them.

All this makes our Crystal Clear Bags PERFECT for both everyday handling and long-term archival storage.



crystal clear bags



Each bag is sealed on three sides and opens on the short side with a 1-1/2” flap. In terms of easy access and SAFE reusability, Archival Methods’ Crystal Clear Bags have a protective adhesive closure strip located on the BODY of the bag itself, NOT on the flap. This adhesive placement is IMPORTANT, as when the contents are removed or re-inserted there is less chance of the artwork sticking to the adhesive strip (many “bargain” brands have their adhesive strip on the flap, which inevitably sticks to your materials and will often damage them). 



Archival Crystal Clear Bags: Wide Range of Sizes Available



crystal clear bags



Archival Methods’ Crystal Clear Bags are available in 21(!!!) sizes to meet your every need (see list below). These high-quality bags are sized to accommodate the common thicknesses of matted prints or multiple unmatted prints. Bags up to 11 x 14″ will accommodate 3/16″ in thickness, and bags 12 x 16″ and larger will accommodate 3/8″ in thickness (see pix above). 



crystal clear bags
Archival Methods’ Crystal Clear Bags are perfect for the smallest items in your portfolio, archive or collection – all the way up to the largest! Here a number of 24 x 30″ signed prints have been placed in individual bags with a 2-ply Conservation Mat Board backing, and then placed together in an acid-free Archival Corrugated Drop Side Box. (Please click on the image for our full blog on these very versatile boxes!)



Archival Crystal Clear Bags: SMALL Size Formats

           4-1/4   x   6-1/8″

           4-7/8   x   6-1/8″

           5-1/4   x   7-1/8″

           5-11/16   x   8-9/”16

           8-1/4   x   10-1/8″

           8-3/4   x   11-1/16″

           8-3/4   x   11-3/4″


Archival Crystal Clear Bags: MEDIUM Size Formats

           9-1/4    x   12-1/4″

           11-1/4   x   14-1/8″

           11-7/16   x   17-1/4″

           12-7/16   x   16-1/4″

           13-7/16   x   19-1/4″

           14-7/16   x   18-1/4″

           16-7/16   x   20 1/8″


Archival Crystal Clear Bags: LARGE Size Formats

           17-7/16   x   22-1/4″

           17-7/16   x   25-1/4″

           18-7/16   x   24-1/4″

           20-7/16   x   24-1/4″

           22-7/16   x   28-1/4″

           24-7/16   x   30-1/4″

           24-7/16   x   36-1/4″




crystal clear bags
Each of the fine, hand-tinted engravings from 1813 in this acid-free Drop Front Box have been placed in individual Crystal Clear Bags. This arrangement offers multiple layers of archival protection while also offering instant and safe access to both the front and back of each print. (Please click on the image for more information.)



Whether you’re looking to archivally preserve your materials in long-term storage, or have safe & easy day-to-day access to them for everyday use, our economical / resealable museum-quality Crystal Clear Bags are an excellent choice for whatever flat materials you have!





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