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drop front boxes
Archival Methods’ 1-1/2-Inch Drop Front Boxes



Archival Solution of the Week:
1-1/2-Inch Drop Front Boxes



Sometimes, a “standard” 3-Inch Metal Edge Drop Front Box—perhaps the the most popular and utilitarian archival box in the world (see left-hand pix, below)—isn’t quite right for what you’re looking to store or present.



drop front boxes drop front boxes
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Perhaps that special set of prints / photographs / documents / or other artifacts need their own stylish, dedicated, safe and secure archival storage or presentation solution, and that’s where Archival Methods’ 1-1/2-Inch Drop Front Box comes into play (see right-hand pix, above).



drop front boxes
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Archival Methods’ 1-1/2-Inch Drop Front Boxes are available in black, white and tan. They are perfect for the storage of prints, photos, art, and similar mounted or unmounted documents that are best stored flat. This style of box is also well-suited for digital prints, musical scores, pamphlets, letters, newspapers and other flat collectibles. Their sleek and stylish “presence” is matched only by their dozens upon dozens of practical uses:


dedicated storage of flat and low-profile three-dimensional objects

sophisticated presentation (see our full blog on “Presenting Photographs & Prints / Quick Hack”)

safe and reliable archival preservation

elegant colors that you would be proud to have on a shelf in your den, living room or office


Each of our three colors of boxes (black / white / tan) is available in both standard sizes and formatted for digital prints, and our white boxes are constructed with a matte laminate coating to make them water resistant (see pix, below).



drop front boxes
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Metal-edged drop-front boxes consist of a removable top and a bottom with a hinged “drop front” panel on one of the long sides. This feature “opens” the bottom section so the contents can be inserted, removed or examined safely, without bending or flexing the contents in any way. The risk of “dog-earing” your materials is also greatly minimized.

All of our 1-1/2-Inch Drop Front Boxes are manufactured from heavyweight ArchivalGrade™ boxboard, and each is made right here in the USA in Archival Methods’ start-to-finish production facility. The metal edge clamps are anti-corrosion treated with a black polyester coating, and feature a wax-free polyester finish on the blind side. These clamps provide both rigidity and high stacking strength.



drop front boxes drop front boxes
(Please click on each image to read related blogs on “Preserving Photo Albums” and “Flat Storage.”)



Whether you’re looking to elegantly store your collections, or wish to make a sophisticated presentation of your artwork or photographs, consider Archival Methods’ 1-1/2-Inch Drop Front Boxes. They’re strong, versatile, archivally safe, and will showcase your artwork and collectibles in the best possible light!





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