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Archival Solution of the Week: 35mm Slide Storage System



So, in the age of “digital everything” (even my TOASTER has a computer in it!), just what are you supposed to do with THESE:



slide storage     slide storage



35mm slides, like old 8mm home movies discussed in one of our many full-length illustrated blogs (click here to get there), are a pain in the posterior to have to deal with these days. Sure, they had their cultural moment in time, but the era of the “slide show” was swept away by the same digital tsunami that drowned out the 8mm home movie. 

In our age of instant digital imaging the whole idea of darkening a room, setting up a clunky / junky projection screen and a carousel slide projector and showing slides is JUST. PLAIN. OVER.

Although slide presentations have taken a back seat to computer-based technologies these days, the long-term, safe storage of precious 35mm originals is as important as ever!

Whether they’re professional slides used for educational or training purposes, or irreplaceable(!!!) slides from the family archive (get them scanned / printed / added to the family collection!), the time to preserve these unique visual artifacts is NOW!



slide storage
Archival Methods’ 35mm Slide Storage System lets you sort, organize and archivally store over 200 slides in each of the long boxes, six of which fit into the larger acid-free box for compact and practical storage at your fingertips. (Please click on image for more information.)



When preparing slides for long-term storage, the first thing to do is to get ’em out of old PVC vinyl plastic pages, as the “out-gassing” (that awful plastic smell that vinyl pages give off) can physically harm your slides. With this done, consider sorting and storing your slides in Archival Methods’ compact and archivally safe 35mm Slide Storage System.



slide storage
Store up to 1200 slides in this handy, compact, archivally safe kit. Boom! You’re done!
(Please click on the image for more information.)



Storing slides with Archival Methods’ 35mm Slide Storage System “box-within-a-box-within-a-box” has many advantages. You end up with a compact 11-3/4 x 15 x 3″ rigid box that safely stores 1200(!!!) cardboard or plastic-mounted 35mm slides or about 600 glass-mounted slides (which are thicker). Using this box-within-a-box design you get four separate “walls” of protection—three separate boxes + the lid—for your valuable slides.



slide storage



Our unique 35mm Slide Storage System consists of four (count ’em, FOUR!) components, all of which are manufactured from ArchivalGrade boxboard—except the acid-free card stock dividers—and made right here in the good ol’ USA (see pix above / expanded descriptions below):

A)  Forty-eight Slide Trays to group slides together

B)  Six individual 35mm Slide Boxes to hold Slide Trays

C)  Forty-eight acid-free card stock Slide Dividers

D)  One 3’’ Drop Front Master Box that neatly and conveniently holds and protects the six individual Slide Boxes. 



slide storage
Acid-free 10 Pt card stock Slide Dividers make organization and retrieval a snap.



A)  Slide Tray Bin: Each holds twenty-five 35mm cardboard or plastic mounted slides. Eight trays fit in each Slide Box. The trays have an extended backwall lip / tab for labeling. Trays have a “pop and lock” instant set-up design.

B)  35mm Slide Box: Each box safely stores 200 standard cardboard or plastic mounted slides, or approximately 100 glass-mounted slides. Interior Dimensions are 11-3/8  x 2 x 2-3/8’’.

C)  Acid Free 10 Pt Card Stock Slide Dividers: Separate any number of slides in each Slide Tray Bin or Box, and write what’s what for easy organization and retrieval (see pix above).

D)  Drop Front Master Box: This is one of our most popular archivally-safe Drop Front Boxes, and for this application it functions as a master box holding all six of the Slide Boxes described above.


slide storage



Archival Methods’ 35mm Slide Storage System is all you’ll need to safely store your important slides, and each kit comes in your choice of tan or black – perfect for any taste or decor. 


For more information on ALL our archival 35mm slide storage options, please see our fully-illustrated blog on Preserving 35mm Slides!





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