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Your Professional Portfolio / Part 4 / Art Carrying Cases & Transport Options



art carrying cases



It’s TIME, folks.


You’re a professional artist or photographer.

          and / or…

You’re a seasoned hobbyist.

          and / or…

You’re a high school / college / graduate school student.


You’re YOU!


You’ve followed all the right archival procedures listed in our Your Professional Portfolio series of informative blogs (see list below). You’ve matted (Part 1) and mounted (Part 2) your artwork or photographs, you’ve chosen the perfect portfolio box or presentation case (Part 3), and now it’s time to…


HIT THE BRICKS with your portfolio!


Do it right — with style / with class / with sophistication / with a definite sense that YOU’VE ARRIVED!


Yup, now it’s time to think about Your Professional Portfolio / Part 4 / Art Carrying Cases and Transport Options, the “final chapter” in our wide-ranging illustrated blog tutorials:


Your Professional Portfolio Series

       Part 1 – Matting Your Artwork  (click here to get there)

       Part 2 – Mounting Your Artwork  (click here to get there)

       Part 3 – Portfolio Boxes / Cases / Folios  (click here to get there)

       Part 4 – Art Carrying Cases & Transport Options  (you’re here now)



So, let’s GO (literally)!





art carrying cases
This is NO WAY to bring your portfolio in for that crucial meeting with a gallery director / hiring manager / art director / college or grad school admissions department. Make that critical “first impression” by showing up with the RIGHT art carrying cases and transport options!


There are a number of sophisticated and elegant art carrying cases and transport options available to you, so the best way to figure out which one(s) is right your YOU is to show you what’s what. You’ll know, when you see ’em, which options and products are right for you — the ones that will allow you to make that hugely important “first impression.”

I’m going to start off with the types of art carrying cases you would personally carry in to an important meeting or presentation, followed by information on Archival Methods’ top-of-the line (yet practical and affordable!) Trans-Port Shipping Cases for use when you’re either checking your artwork onto a plane or when you’re shipping your stuff — across town or across the globe.



art carrying cases
The world’s your oyster when ya have the RIGHT mats / the RIGHT portfolios / the RIGHT art carrying cases. ‘Nuff said!






art carrying cases


Art Carry Cases

When your artwork needs to travel, our Art Carry Case will provide the protection and professional presentation enhancement your portfolio deserves. Airplanes and taxi cabs are rough-and-tumble environments folks, and this case can take it all and STILL make you look professional when you walk in the door for that important appointment.

The case is designed for easy and comfortable carrying, something every photographer and artist needs to consider. The convenient handle and adjustable/removable shoulder strap allow for even weight distribution of the case to-and-from that big presentation. 



art carrying cases      art carrying cases


Constructed of ridged black polypropylene with a textured exterior finish, the case also features impact-negating black metal corner caps and three nickel plated latches, with a center latch that locks for security (hey, it’s a jungle out there!).



art carrying cases



The interior of all Art Carry Cases have a 1-1/2’’ egg-crate protective foam top surface (see pix below), and each bottom corner side-wall is covered with 6’’ of 1-1/2’’ egg-crate foam. Four additional ridged foam blocks are provided with each case to accommodate various print and/or portfolio box sizes and formats. The egg-crate foam compresses easily and will hold boxed, matted or bagged prints securely in place (see right corner of pix above). The interior space can be modified using the ridged foam blocks included with the case (see left center of pix above), and additional blocks can be purchased separately should you need them.



art carrying cases


These Art Carry Cases can be used, as mentioned, to hold either matted prints or whichever Portfolio Box or Museum Case you are using (see our Your Professional Portfolio / Part 3 / Portfolio Boxes / Cases / Folios here). Each case has a 3.5″ to 4’’ depth capacity when the egg-crate foam on the top surface is factored in, as follows: 

   our 18.25 x 23.25 x 5″ case will hold:  13 x 19  /  14 x 18  /  16 x 20  print and/or portfolio sizes

  our 22.25 x 26.25 x 5″ case will hold:  17 x 22  /  17 x 25  /  18 x 24  /  20 x 24  print and/or portfolio sizes

  our 26.25 x 38.25 x 5″ case will hold:  22 x 28  /  24 x 30  /  24 x 36  print and/or portfolio sizes


This Art Carry Case is the real deal, folks, and will give you years and years (and YEARS!) of safe, reliable service.






art carrying cases


Tranzporter Cases

These practical and durable cases are the ideal solution to carrying large artwork or photographs, portfolios, blueprints, and even framed works. Tranzporter Cases can be used in combination with our Portfolio Boxes and Museum Cases to create an exceptionally classy(!) presentation of even your largest work.



art carrying cases
Are you tall? Short? Right handed? Left handed? None of it matters with this versatile Tranzporter Case, as the multiple handle positions and adjustable/detachable shoulder strap will allow ANYONE to carry their important portfolio(s) in this elegant, sturdy and dynamic case. You can even add wheels (see below) to make moving even the largest 40 x 60″ portfolio a simple affair! (Please click on the image for more information.)



These rugged cases are soft-sided, made of 1000 denier black Cordura nylon, and are water resistant / mildew resistant / and puncture resistant. The innovative design allows you to add corrugated plastic, foamcore, gatorboard, masonite, even sheet metal (yikes!) to special pockets in the sides and base to increase the rigidity and puncture-resistance of the case. The extra-wide 5-6’’ gusset construction allows your work to be safely packed and secured with internal hook and loop straps. Two side handles, a top handle, and an adjustable/detachable shoulder strap make it easy to carry (or roll – see optional wheel set below) no matter YOUR size, or the size of your WORK.

Our Tranzporter Cases are available in the following sizes, including a HUGE 40 x 60″ size (holy smokes!):


           24 x 36 x 5″

           32 x 42 x 5″

           36 x 48 x 5″

           40 x 60 x 5″


For the larger sizes listed above, please consider the optional wheel set for our Tranzporter Case, which will make moving through airports or city sidewalks a breeze.


Tranzporter Case Wheels on Bag      Tranzporter Case Wheels Detail



This handy wheel set includes a fixed set of casters for the back of the case and a pivoting set for the front, allowing you to easily “steer” your case in whichever direction you need with the top handle.

Lastly, when you’re back from that (successful!) presentation, our Tranzporter Case folds flat for easy storage.

Practicality, elegance and ease-of-use all combine in this durable art carrying case / transport option, especially for those large portfolios you REALLY NEED to show to the world!






art carrying cases


Soft Side Art Case

Designed specifically for artwork and portfolios, these reasonably priced high-quality art carrying cases are constructed from lightweight water-resistant black nylon and feature strong comfortable handles. The Soft Sided Art Case keeps important projects safe, dry, organized and protected during transport, and comes in the following convenient sizes:


           20 x 26 x 3″

           23 x 31 x 3″

           24 x 36 x 3″

           32 x 42 x 3″

The interior wire-sewn frame helps the case maintain form, while two inside and two outside pouches hold smaller objects and papers, keeping them safe and easily accessible. An elastic cross strap on the inside of the case holds larger projects and portfolios securely in place. The 3’’ gusset allows for expansion and will accommodate Onyx Portfolio Boxes, Museum Cases, Metal Edge Boxes, and many other forms of boxed, bagged or even framed artworks and photographs.






art carrying cases


EZ Carrier

If you’re looking for a simple, practical, lightweight wrap-around carrier for Portfolio Boxes, Museum Cases or framed artwork that can hold variable-sized flat pieces up to 36 x 48″, then the EZ Carrier is for you! The flexible design conforms to a variety of shapes and widths, while the convenient handle and strap design allows for both hand- and shoulder carrying (see pix above). 



art carrying cases      art carrying cases



Made of strong 1000 denier black Cordura nylon with adjustable straps and two durable plastic buckles, the EZ Carrier also includes a 6 x 13″ pouch with a hook-and-loop closure can be used to safely carry your paperwork.  When not in use the straps can be folded and stored in this same pouch. 

To make life even easier, Archival Methods offers a number of Onyx Portfolio Box and Museum Case Combo Kits that come with an EZ Carrier. These combo kits will save you 15% off the purchase of separate components, and BOOM! – you’re out the door to that important meeting or presentation!


EZ-Carrier & Onyx Portfolio Combo Kits

           EZ Carrier  +  16.25 x 20.25 x 2″  Onyx Portfolio Box

           EZ Carrier  +  17.25 x 22.25 x 2″  Onyx Portfolio Box

           EZ Carrier  +  20.25 x 24.25 x 2″  Onyx Portfolio Box



EZ-Carrier & Museum Case Combo Kits

            EZ Carrier  +  16.5 x 20.5 x 2.5″  Museum Case

            EZ Carrier  +  17.5 x 22.5 x 2.5″  Museum Case

            EZ Carrier  +  20.5 x 24.5 x 2.5″  Museum Case

            EZ Carrier  +  22.5 x 28.5 x 2.5″  Museum Case

            EZ Carrier  +  24.5 x 30.5 x 2.5″  Museum Case

            EZ Carrier  +  28.5 x 36.5 x 2.5″  Museum Case

            EZ Carrier  +  30.5 x 40.5 x 2.5″  Museum Case







art carrying cases


Trans-Port Shipping Cases

While each of the art carrying cases mentioned above provide safe transport of your important artworks and portfolios, sometimes you need that extra level of protection / impact resistance / security. This is ESPECIALLY important when you need to ship your artwork or photographs; when you’re checking them onto a flight—where you never know what sort of abuse a baggage handler might inflict; or when you’re grabbing a taxi or taking the subway or bus.

For these situations, we STRONGLY (no pun intended) recommend your using a Trans-Port Shipping Case. These are the “industry standard,” folks, and many hundreds—if not thousands!—of these types of cases are in transit EVERY SINGLE DAY, carrying their precious cargos safely to their destinations everywhere in the world.

Even if you’re not shipping your work but only going across the street to make a presentation, the Trans-Port Shipping Case is still a great solution. Not only is it incredibly durable and resilient, it is also SUPER EASY to use with its simple yet strong straps and clasps. Not many things are as important to you as your artwork and photographs, and this sturdy case will protect your work from all kinds of rough handling, all the while providing you with an art carrying case that couldn’t be easier to use!



art carrying cases


These cases are constructed of impact-resistant black polyethylene plastic that will stand up to repeated use. Steel reinforces all four corners and the outer edge of the removable top. The textured ridged plastic resists scuffing and will not tear—unlike crappy fiber art carrying cases—while the interior is completely lined with ¼’’ polyester foam to further protect your work.



art carrying cases


The handle retracts against the case when it is not in use, as this feature is quite important during shipping. Speaking of shipping, a large 8 x 12’’ ABS plastic label area is designed into the case for adhesive-backed shipping labels (see pix above).



art carrying cases


One-inch wide poly straps are attached to the case and securely close with high-impact plastic buckles that also allow easy opening and closing (see pix above). Each case has three straps across the long side, with the center strap under the handle to preventing bowing. Cases 16’’x 20’’ and larger have a fourth strap in the center across the short side.

All Trans-Port Shipping Cases are 3’’ deep with a fully telescoping top, which allows the case to have a four-inch functional capacity, and are available in the following standard / convenient sizes to hold either Portfolio Boxes, Museum Cases, Metal Edge Boxes, or matted prints (not to mention all sorts of other stuff!):


           13.25 x 19.25 x 3″

           16.25 x 20.25 x 3″

           17.25 x 22.25 x 3″

           20.25 x 24.25 x 3″

           24.25 x 30.25 x 3″

           24.25 x 36.25 x 3″


When you really need to make sure your work gets to its destination in one piece, the Trans-Port Shipping Case is the only ticket in town!





So, there you have it, folks. In our 4-part series we’ve discussed and illustrated EVERYTHING you need to know to create the best portfolio you can, and then get it out into the world:


Your Professional Portfolio Series

       Part 1 – Matting Your Artwork  (click here to get there)

       Part 2 – Mounting Your Artwork  (click here to get there)

       Part 3 – Portfolio Boxes / Cases / Folios  (click here to get there)

       Part 4 – Art Carrying Cases & Transport Options  (you’re here now)



All of here at Archival Methods hope that this has been helpful, and want to hear from you regarding your successes!

Until then we hope you’ll continue checking in with our new blogs, as they come online, for more helpful insights on making your artwork and photographs archivally secure and presented in the best possible light!





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