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archival tissue
Shredded Archival Tissue is perfect for for both short- and long-term storage (and moving!) of delicate family artifacts and collectibles.



Archival Solution of the Week: Shredded Archival Tissue




archival tissue archival tissue



As you may already know, sheets of acid-free Archival Tissue or Archival Thin Paper are often used to interleave and protect both matted and unmatted images in storage and transport (see pix above). These museum-quality materials are available in pre-cut sheets that match the most popular standard-sized matting and print formats (8 x 10″ / 11 x 14″ / 14 x 18″ / 16 x 20″ / etc.), and each can be easily cut to any size to meet your specific needs.


archival tissue



For larger works or for alternative applications, these materials are also available in rolls (see pix above).



archival tissue archival tissue



One of the most common “alternative applications” of Archival Tissue is as padding when storing sentimentally or monetarily valuable artwork, collectibles, family heirlooms, artifacts, and other 3-dimensional objects.

When used this way, sheets of standard-sized pre-cut Archival Tissue can be crumpled and used as acid-free padding in an archival box (see pix above). Similarly, lengths of Archival Tissue can be cut or torn off of larger rolls, crumpled, and used the same way.



archival tissue



Sometimes, however, crumpled archival tissue might not be the best solution – especially when storing very delicate objects – and that’s where Shredded Archival Tissue comes into play.

This high-quality, acid- and lignin-free, buffered archival tissue is JUST PERFECT for cushioning and protecting delicate objects such as glass, holiday ornaments, fragile collectibles, family artifacts, and any other breakables during both short- or long-term storage, and especially during transport or moving. (Please click here to see our fully illustrated blog that explains everything you need to know about “acid-free” and “buffered” materials / please click here to see our blog on Packing & Moving a Collection).



archival tissue archival tissue
This small, fragile model of the Titanic has been placed in a 35mm Slide Box – repurposed here for this particular use as it’s the PERFECT size and shape – and Shredded Archival Tissue was then placed around the model to cushion and protect it. More tissue would be added to the top of the model before the box was closed, but was left out on purpose to illustrate how all this is done. (Please click here to go to our fully illustrated blog on Archival Preservation / Titanic Collections – and EVERYTHING Else!)



As a helpful hint, our museum-quality Shredded Archival Tissue is delivered in 5-pound bags that are somewhat compressed to save space during shipping. When pulling out the quantity you need for the safe storage of your items, it is recommended that you “fluff” the material a bit in order to take full advantage of its cushioning properties.

Also, if you’re storing items that should be kept away from dust (see pix below), please consider placing them in archival Polyethylene Bags – available in 20(!!!) different sizes to meet your EVERY need, from a small 3½ x 5½” to an absolutely huge 35 x 47″ – before packing them in Shredded Archival Tissue, as all forms of shredded paper will have some paper dust associated with it.



archival tissue
An antique box camera from the late-1920s in an acid-free Short Top Box. While more than one such camera can be stored in this type of box, only one was placed here to give you a sense of how Shredded Archival Tissue can be used to safely store such collectibles. Since this camera has mechanisms and openings that should be protected from any dust that naturally occurs when using any type of shredded paper or tissue, the camera was placed in an archival Polyethylene Bag before it was placed in this box. The end result? THREE layers of archival protection: the bag, the shredded tissue, and the box! (Please click on the image for more information on the many different sizes / styles of archival boxes that are available.)



There are many, many uses for Shredded Archival Tissue, especially when you are looking to MAKE SURE that your delicate family artifacts or treasured collectibles stay safe and archivally secure in a cushioned nest of high quality acid-free materials.





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