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Archival Print Storage Pages are perfect for assembling a safe, personalized photo album to last through the ages, but that’s not all….



Archival Solution of the Week: Archival Slide & Print Storage Pages



One of the most popular ways to archivally store and safely display your cherished photographs / snapshots / digital prints / 35mm slides and a wide range of documents / notes / letters / postcards / & paper collectibles – even cherished family recipes – is to place them in Archival Binders in archival Print Storage Pages.

So, in case you haven’t guessed it yet, folks, the key word here is “archival,” and here’s why….



  print storage pages        print storage pages  
Recent digital prints placed in 4 x 6 Print Storage Pages, and then into an archival 3-Ring Collector Grade Binder (left) or an acid-free Binder-in-a-Box (right).
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Archival Print Storage Pages are in fact perfect for organizing, protecting, and displaying photographs – as well as all the other artifacts and collectibles mentioned above. Gone are the days of the tedious effort and icky mess of gluing or sticking down snapshots in a cumbersome (and more than likely non-archival!) photo album. In addition to the added toil, using glues and double-stick tapes can permanently harm your photographs, so why risk it?

Instead, consider that Archival Methods’ wide range of safe Print Storage Pages allow you to quickly and easily sort and organize your photographs to create a personalized album that perfectly captures your cherished memories and reflects your own family’s personality – all with the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that your irreplaceable images and artifacts are archivally safe!



  print storage pages        print storage pages  
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While most often used for creating unique family photo albums to be enjoyed now and long into the future, our Print Storage Pages also have a grajillion other practical and archivally safe uses.

Do you have old family letters or genealogy notes in various sizes? Our archival Print Storage Pages are the answer, as they too come in a number of sizes. By using our various pages you can keep letters and notes – large and small – organized and together (see pix above).

You can even intersperse pages of family photographs with these letters to add identifying “context” to each. For example, letters written by old great-grandad Osgood J. Fuzzwort can include a photograph of the man, helping future generations know just “who’s who & what’s what.”

The possibilities are endless, and are limited only by your own imagination and your desired method of organizing your own family history. How cool is THAT, folks!!!



  print storage pages        print storage pages  
Family & collectible postcards (on left) and collectible paper ephemera (on right) can all be accommodated in our Print Storage Pages.
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then click on the image on the right to see our fully-illustrated blog on “Historic Signatures: Preserving Signed Artifacts.”)



If you’re anything like me, you have a collection of SOMETHING. In the pix above on the left I’m storing both family and collectible postcards in 4 x 6 Print Storage Pages, while the envelopes on the right, which are hand-signed by Apollo-era astronauts, are stored in archival 5 x 7 pages. 

You can do the same thing with your collection of vintage Valentine’s Day or Christmas cards, old collectible bank notes or stock certificates, your kids’ school artwork, important legal documents like birth or marriage certificates, deeds, automobile titles, antique dollar bills and other collectible currencies, the list goes on and on (and on…!!!).



  print storage pages        print storage pages  
(Please click on either image to see our fully-illustrated blog on “Preserving 35mm Slides.”)



35mm slides can also be easily accommodated in our Slide Storage Pages. As is often the case, particular family photos of important events such as weddings, graduations and especially vacations were shot on once-popular 35mm color slide film. This often means that the ONLY photographic record of such events exist ONLY as slides.

Our advice? Go through your family’s slides and have the best / most important images scanned and printed (and then stored / displayed in our Print Storage Pages, of course!), then KEEP the original slides in our Slide Storage Pages, along with any notes you may find as to who / what / where / when you might find written on the outside of the slide box. You’ll then have this great family resource archivally protected and easily accessible for future use!



  print storage pages            print storage pages  
(Please click on either image to go to our fully-illustrated blog on “Preserving Old Recipes: Treasuries of Family Traditions.”)



As mentioned, Archival Methods’ Print Storage Pages can be used for just about ANYTHING! Sure, they’re the right choice for a variety of standard photograph and snapshot formats (see list below), but they’re also PERFECT for organizing and preserving genealogical records, notes, letters, collectibles – even cherished family recipes!

In the images above, both handwritten recipes and those cut from magazines and newspapers are archivally preserved in 8-1/2 x 11 (left) and a 4 x 6 (right) Print Storage Pages for immediate use in making dinner tonight and for future generations to know all of your (or grandma’s / grandpa’s, or even great-grandma’s / great-grandpa’s) secret recipes the whole family has come to know and love.

Spill cake batter or spaghetti sauce on them? No problem, folks! Just carefully wipe ’em off. Boom!



Archival Slide & Print Storage Pages: The Specs


Our heavyweight, high-clarity, archivally safe polypropylene Slide and Print Storage Pages are heavier than many other “arts & crafts store” brands, so they will not tear, wrinkle or distort. They will also not discolor, shrink or become stuck to whatever it is you’re storing in them (just keep ’em dry, folks, which is something you’re gonna do anyway).

Our strong polypropylene pages measure 115 microns or .0045 on each wall of the pocket, with the total thickness of the page coming in at 9 mil (sorry for the technical jargon, but hey, some people want to know!).



  print storage pages        print storage pages        print storage pages  
From left to right: archival 3-Ring Collector Grade Binder & Slipcase / acid-free Binder-in-a-Box (available in 3 colors) / Ringfolio Binder Box
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All of our high-quality pages are three-hole punched in the “standard” location for use with our archival 3-Ring Collector Grade Binder, Binder-in-a-Box and RingFolio Binder Box (see pix above), all of which are made with pride right here in the USA in Archival Methods’ own on-site production facility.

We recommend using our binders as we GUARANTEE their archival quality, something you will NOT find with cheap “office supply store” binders. For more information, please check out our short Albums & Pages Video.

In terms of capacity, each print pocket for the following sizes of pages will hold TWO same-size prints or documents back to back, so page capacity is effectively DOUBLED! (35mm pages have 20 pockets for 20 individual cardboard, plastic or glass mounted slides.) Our available sizes include:


           8 x 10          (ONE pocket holds TWO 8 x 10″ prints / documents / collectibles)

            8-1/2 x 11    (ONE pocket holds TWO 8-1/2 x 11″ prints / letters / documents / collectibles)

           3-1/2 x 5     (FOUR pockets hold EIGHT 3-1/2 x 5″ prints / cards / notes / recipes / collectibles)

           4 x 5            (FOUR pockets hold EIGHT 4 x 5″ prints / cards / notes / recipes / collectibles)

           4 x 6            (THREE pockets hold SIX 4 x 6″ prints / cards / notes / recipes / collectibles)

           5 x 7            (TWO pockets hold FOUR 5 x 7″ prints / cards / notes / recipes / collectibles)

           35mm         (TWENTY pockets hold TWENTY 35mm cardboard / plastic / or glass mounted slides)



In closing, whether you’re organizing and creating an easy-to-use personalized photo album, an archive of family letters, or a collection of paper ephemera, Archival Methods’ has the right Slide and Print Storage Pages for your every need. From photos and letters dating back a hundred years or more, to family snapshots you shot last week, archival quality and safety is what we offer – for today, tomorrow, and for decades (and centuries!) to come. 





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