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Application: Filmoplast tapes are pH-neutral, non-yellowing and will not deteriorate over time. The adhesives are water-based which also makes them reversible under most circumstances. These are a popular product for not only archival storage but also presentation of artwork.

Features: The features of the Filmoplast vary by the particular type you choose, some are better for mending book binding while most are ideal for hanging artwork. Find the Filmoplast that's right for you:

• Filmoplast P is a thin, transparent tape ideal for mending torn documents and book pages. It also comes in handy for hinging artwork done on lightweight paper because the hinge won’t show through. The adhesive tacks slowly allowing you to reposition it during application.

• Filmoplast P-90 is a self-adhesive white paper tape perfect for hinging artwork but also repairing book binding. The long-fibered material makes it durable and tear-resistant and provides a secure means to hinge even larger artwork.

• Filmoplast P-90 specifically designed for fine art hinging. The adhesive used is a refined version of the original providing better initial as well as final bond strength while retaining the same stable aging characteristics.

• Filmoplast SH and Filmoplast T are self-adhesive fabric tapes with a strong adhesive. They are ideal for hinging a window mat to backing board. We do not recommend using directly on artwork because of the strength of the adhesive.

Note: Due to their thickness and strong adhesive, these tapes should not be used directly on artwork.

  58-25344   Filmoplast P 1 inch W x 100 ft L $19.40    
  58-25090   Filmoplast P90 0.8 inch W x 164 ft L $30.30    
  58-25091   Filmoplast P90 1.6 inch W x 164 ft. L $36.00    

  Item   FILMOPLAST P90 Plus Hinging Tape (A)
  58-18639   P 90 Plus Hinging Tape .8 inch W x 164 ft $30.35    

  Item   FILMOPLAST SH White (A)
  58-25092   Filmoplast SH White 1.2 inch x 82 ft. $34.95    

  Item   FILMOPLAST T Black (A)
  58-1233   Filmoplast T Black 1.2 inch x 33 ft. $20.65