Economy Clear Bags

  • Application

    Economy Clear Bags offer a safe, affordable option for protecting and displaying artwork, prints, documents, and collectibles. Pressure lines are visible on this product, however, this will not affect the contents of the bags.

    Constructed of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP), the bags have excellent clarity, are acid-free and have a low electrostatic charge.

    Once our stock is depleted you may order our Crystal Clear Bags.

  • Features

    Economy Clear Bags have a protective adhesive closure strip located on the body of the bag, not the flap. This adhesive placement is important, as when the contents are removed or re-inserted there is less of a chance of the artwork sticking to the adhesive strip. It is, however, recommended that you insert and remove items carefully.

    The bags are sized to accommodate matted and multiple prints. Bags up to 11 x 14 will accommodate a thickness of 3/16”, while those 12 x 16 and larger will accommodate a 3/8” thickness. Each bag is sealed on three sides and opens on the short side with a 1-1/2” flap. These are 1.5 mils in thickness.

    The Economy Clear Bags are discounted because they have visible pressure lines. If this is a concern please order an alternative product such as Crystal Clear Bags or Side-Loading Print Sleeves.

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12-3/4 x 12-3/4'' PKG 100
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186-1212 $12.27
WAS $20.45
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WAS $17.40
13-7/16 x 19-1/4'' PKG 100
(19 Available)
186-1319 $19.77
WAS $32.95
WAS $29.65
WAS $28.00

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