Accent S-Series Binder Box

  • Application

    The Accent S-Series Binder Box provides an archival, dust-free environment for storing photos, CDs and DVDs. A protective tray opens with the cover allowing full access to the contents and easy page turning.

    This Binder Box was designed to hold our narrower 3-Ring Binder Pages—Caption Pocket 4x6” Photo Pages and 2-Pocket CD/DVD Pages.

  • Features

    The Accent S-Series Binder Box will accommodate three-hole punched pages with a maximum dimension of 11-1/2’’ H x 7’’ W.

    Slanted 1-1/2’’ D-rings will hold 25 2-Pocket CD pages (50 CDs) or 60 pages with prints.

    A flap-style magnetic closure allows for the safe transport and storage of discs or images. Cover material is a charcoal gray techno-textured paper with purple accent paper on the interior tray.

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Accent S-Series Binder Box
1-1/2'' D-Ring
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