35mm Mounted Slide Sleeves

  • Application

    Scratched 35mm slides are often permanently ruined. Similarly, oily or dirty fingerprints will also harm your slides. It is therefore necessary to always keep stored original slides in protective sleeves. Archival Methods' Slide Sleeves can be used with all cardboard and plastic mounted slides (glass mounted slides provide their own protection, so sleeves are not necessary).

  • Features

    Slide sleeves are sealed along the 2" dimension and open at the slightly wider ends. This permits slides to be easily and safely inserted. They stay in place during viewing or filing. Sleeves are made of archivally safe, clear 2 mil. Melinex 516 Polyester (Dupont’s replacement for Mylar D). These optically clear sleeves allow viewing, editing or inspection without removal of the slide. Polyester will not interact with film and prevents interaction between adjacent slides during long-term storage.

    Note: Slides should always be removed from sleeves before projection.

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