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Ultraviolet light - Radiation having a wave-length beyond the visible portion of violet in the spectrum. Sunlight is a common source of ultraviolet light.

uncoated polyethylene - Polyethylene with no added coatings or surface treatments.

undermat - The bottom mat in instances where there are two or more layers, as in double or triple matting.

UV filter - A material used to filter the ultraviolet (UV) rays out of visible light. Ultraviolet radiation is potentially damaging to library, archival, and museum objects and more is present in sunlight and fluorescent light than in incandescent light. Removing UV radiation from storage, use, and exhibition spaces can reduce the rate of deterioration of library materials stored there. Usually a UV filtering material is placed over windows or fluorescent light tubes, or over glass used in framing, or in exhibition cases. Certain acrylic sheet materials have UV filtering properties built in.