Acid Free Binder Options

  • Collector Grade Binders

    offered in four colors and two ring sizes: 1-1/2” rings hold 60 pages with prints / 2-1/2” rings hold 85 pages with prints.
    Binder and Slip Case Sets is constructed of archival quality binder board lined with acid- and lignin-free paper. All Slip Case is black buckram fabric.
    Binder With Tab & Black SlipCase pull tabs allow you to remove your binder while keeping the slipcase on the shelf.
    Archival Page Lifters available in Archival Grade tan board or black polypropylene.
    Binder-In-A-Box available in tan, gray, black or a white matte laminate option that is water resistant. Made of Archival Grade boxboard.
    Accent L-Series Binder Box features a protective tray, opens with the cover, allowing full access to the contents and easy page turning.
    Accent S-Series Binder Box is a smaller version of the Accent -L Binder Box.
    RingFolio Binder Box is an elegant, fully enclosed presentation binder lined with acid-free black paper.
    Multi-Ring Binders with top loading polypropylene pages with acid-free black paper inserts have holes punched half an inch on center.