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Archival Solution of the Week: Soft Side Art Case



As any photographer or artist knows (or SHOULD know!!!), “making” your work is only HALF the battle!

What comes next is JUST as important.

And just WHAT IS this mysterious “next” part???

Well, it’s the THREE RULES of art and photography:







  art case     art case

  art case     art case  
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Sure, you’re probably already aware of the importance of presenting your matted or unmatted work in a fine portfolio box, museum case, or elegant drop front box (see pix above), yet there is a step even beyond that!

Your presentation doesn’t begin when all the introductions have been made and you’ve opened your portfolio to start showing your actual work.

No, folks, your presentation actually starts the VERY MOMENT you walk in the door!

To get off on the right foot from square-one – and effortlessly telegraph to the person greeting you at the door that you “get it” – consider showing up to that important presentation / job interview / portfolio review with your artwork and portfolios elegantly contained (and protected!) in Archival Methods’ Soft Side Art Case.



art case
Strong, versatile, light weight. Perfect!



The reason we offer the “soft side” art cases is to both reduce the overall weight you need to carry – as opposed to somewhat heavier “rigid” cases, which do have their own important roles to play in other types of presentation and transport needs you may have – and for ease of storage when not in use.



Soft Side Art Case:  Safe  /  Secure  /  Easy to Carry



art case



These professional-quality cases are constructed from lightweight, water-resistant black nylon. They feature strong, comfortable handles and securely fastening closures for that ever-important peace-of-mind you are looking for in a transport case (see pix above).

The interior wire-sewn frame helps the case maintain form, while an elastic cross-strap inside the case holds larger projects securely in place. There are two inside and two outside pouches to hold smaller objects and to keep artwork and papers safe and easily accessible. The 3’’ gusset allows for expansion that will accommodate Onyx Portfolio Boxes, Museum Cases, Metal Edge Boxes, Museum Drop Front Boxes, and many other forms of boxed, framed or bagged artworks and photographs (please click on each link for our fully illustrated blogs on each product).

All these features make our Soft Side Art Case the perfect solution for keeping your important projects, artwork and photographs safe, dry, organized and protected during transportation, while also providing your work with the elegance and sophistication it deserves.



Soft Side Art Case:  Sizes and Applications


Archival Methods’ versatile Soft Side Art Case is available in four convenient sizes that will hold a variety of Onyx Portfolio Boxes / Museum-Solander Cases / Metal Edge Drop Front Boxes / and Museum Drop Front Boxes (please click on each link for more information). They can also be used for safely transporting framed works and other large / flat objects in your collection or archive:


            20  x  26  x  3 inches

            23  x  31  x  3 inches

            24  x  36  x  3 inches

            32  x  42  x  3 inches


So, in closing, if you’re looking to safely and elegantly transport your art or photography portfolio – and make a terrific first impression every time you walk in the door! –  consider Archival Methods’ Soft Side Art Case. It’s the professional choice!


art case






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