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So, there have been a lot of new apps in the news lately focused (no pun intended) on ways to digitally scan and preserve your cherished old photos and family snapshots.

In fact, just this week (as I write this) Google announced their new PhotoScan app, described in a recent online article on




old photos
Photo by Raymond Wong / Mashable.


Google’s New PhotoScan App is an Incredibly Easy Way to Digitize Old, Printed Photos


“Google’s got a new app called PhotoScan that makes it stupid easy to digitize old printed photos and upload them.

The free app launching Tuesday on iOS and Android uses Google’s powerful machine-learning to turn print photos into digital pics in seconds.

(They say more stuff here, folks, but I’m editing for brevity.)

From start to finish, digitizing a photo takes less than 10 seconds. And because they’re all stored in Google Photos, you have access to all of the powerful object and face recognition search features.”




Wow! We here at Archival Methods are ALL FOR IT, as preserving / sharing old photos and family snapshots (and new ones!) is what we’re all about!

It’s important to note, however, that all the new bells and whistles offered by apps or processes that will allow you to digitize your old photos DOES NOT mean that you’re “finished” with the originals! In fact, IT’S JUST THE OPPOSITE!

Consider this:


old photos
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So, if you’re considering digitizing your old photos and family snapshots (and by all means, please do!), also MAKE SURE that all these old photos aren’t just tossed out or crammed into an old shoebox and parked someplace in the attic or basement (see pix below).



  old photos       old photos  

ABOVE: Old photos / film processing envelopes / 35mm slides / home movies on the left; old family photo albums on the right, all in the attic.
BELOW: The same irreplaceable materials organized, archivally stored, easily accessible, and NOT in the heat and humidity of the attic!
(Please click on each image and the highlighted links to see our fully-illustrated blogs on archivally storing each medium.)

  old photos     old photos     old photos



To set you on the correct path for archivally preserving ALL your irreplaceable originals—whether you choose to digitize them now or not—please take a quick look at our VERY popular fully-illustrated blogs on the variety of important preservation topics listed below.

After all, the whole point of digitizing and sharing old photos is to enjoy them NOW, and in the FUTURE—and future generations will THANK YOU for keeping this important family legacy intact in its original form!

As they say, “there’s NOTHING like the real thing!”



Archival Storage and Presentation of Your Old Photos & Family Snapshots

  old photos       old photos       old photos  
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Our zillions of blogs have covered a number of ways to address the archival storage and presentation of photographs & snapshots / 35mm slides /  home movies /  art photography / even organizations & institutions dedicated to the past, present and future of photography. (Please click on each link below to go directly to each fully-illustrated blog.)



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So, there you have it, folks!

Archival Methods’ fully-illustrated blogs that explain how YOU can archivally preserve YOUR OWN old photos and family snapshots!

Check back often for new blogs on the best methods for preserving ALL your cherished family artifacts and collections.

We’ll keep ’em coming!





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