3 New Archival Pages | Versatility, Color Choice & Acid-Free Security!



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3 New Archival Pages from Archival Methods:
Versatility, Color Choice & Acid-Free Security!



Archival Methods is pleased to announce the availability of THREE new archival pages!

Versatile, easy-to-use, and completely acid-free, these new archival pages are innovative & practical, and will offer you the archival solutions YOU need for the safe presentation & storage of your photographs, artwork, family archives, and collections.

Here’s a quick look at each of our 3 NEW archival pages, and we hope you’ll contact us if you’d like any additional information.





3 New Archival Pages: Caption Pocket 4×6 Photo Page



archival pages
Archival Methods’ new Caption Pocket 4×6 Photo Page is a QUICK & EASY way to organize, identify and – most importantly!!! – ENJOY your family photographs and snapshots. The removable acid-free card stock insert in the center of each page allows you to write or print whatever you’d like, making your personalized albums both informative and great looking!
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Documenting who’s who in your photographs is important, as is including information about when & where your snapshots were taken! Years (or even GENERATIONS!) later, that information will add context and meaning to your photo albums.

Our new Caption Pocket 4×6 Photo Page makes this sort of identification EASY, as each of these archival pages comes with a removable white acid-free card stock insert specifically designed for this purpose (see pix below).



archival pages



Our heavyweight, high clarity, archivally-safe polypropylene pages are more robust than other pages on the market, so they will not tear, wrinkle or distort. Each page has two 4-1/4 x 6-1/4″ pockets, which will each hold two prints back to back (4 prints per page), and one  2-1/8 x 6-1/4″ center pocket (see pix above), which is ideal for captions that document and identify your photos!



  archival pages      archival pages  
Pix on Left: You can easily transfer dates you find on your old photos onto the acid-free inserts included with each page
Pix on Right: The same holds true for information you find on the back of old snapshots or photographic postcards, like the one above
(Please click on the left-hand image to see our fully-illustrated blog on Dating Old Photos & Media,
please click on the right-hand image to see our fully-illustrated blog on Postcards / Family History & Archival Care)



You can write any info you’d like to include on these handy inserts, or print it out on a larger sheet of paper and trim it to fit the insert’s pocket. If you’re reorganizing your older photos, information about each photograph or snapshot can be collected from family members; gleaned from captions in old photo albums; or from dates or names that might appear on the back of old photos (see pix above).



archival pages
You can add written or printed information about your photos by utilizing the pocket for the removable acid-free insert that is found on each page. You can also add small photos or scrapbooking stickers (as shown here) to further personalize your pages! (Please click on the image for more information.)


You can also attach small photos to these versatile inserts by using Mounting Corners or Gudy Dots (see pix in the third section below), or add whatever scrapbooking stickers might fit the occasion in your photographs (see pix above), all of which can add a bit of personality & pizzazz to your album!



  archival pages      archival pages  
Write captions or dates on the acid-free inserts included with each page with safe TechLiner or Lumocolor Markers or with Stabilo-All Pencils.
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Helpful Hints: You can use a word processing program to print out whatever information you’d like to include with your individual pages and then trim the paper to fit in the caption pocket, or capture your own handwriting style by writing on the acid-free inserts included with each page with our archivally safe TechLiner or Lumocolor Markers or our safe Stabilo-All Pencils (see pix above).





3 New Archival Pages: Pocket Pages with Acid-Free Inserts



archival pages
Our NEW Pocket Pages with Acid-Free Inserts – versatile & durable!
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Our new standard- and larger-sized(!!!) Pocket Pages with Acid-Free Inserts are PERFECT for assembling customized archival pages for your photo album, or storing your important collectibles or family archive materials.

These versatile 3-ring archival pages offer great flexibility:


      they’re available in TWO sizes—a standard 8-1/2 x 11″ and an OVERSIZED 9-3/8 x 11″ page,
       with accompanying archival 3-ring page protectors

      they come in THREE DIFFERENT acid-free card stock page colors to mix or match: Black / White / Gray

      you can create YOUR OWN personalized layout using Mounting Corners or removable Gudy Dots

      their surface is PERFECT for writing captions with safe TechLiner or Lumocolor markers or Stabilo-All Pencils



archival pages



Our top-loading, 3-ring Pocket Pages are made of heavyweight, archivally-safe polypropylene (see pix above). These durable page protectors will give you years & years (& YEARS!) of rugged service, and will not tear, wrinkle, or discolor with time.



archival pages



You can also choose between Black (10 point thickness), White (10 point thickness) or Gray (12 point thickness) acid-free card stock to best match your tastes or your particular projects (see pix above).



archival pages
Our Pocket Pages with Acid-Free Inserts – even our larger size! – will fit into ALL our standard archival 3-ring binders! (Please click on the image to see our wide range of binders.)



If you’re looking for durable 3-ring archival pages—available in a larger size that offers a little more space to design a great looking page—then look no further than Archival Methods’ Pocket Pages with Acid-Free Inserts! They will fit into ALL of our standard-sized 3-ring binders to create the perfect archival storage and presentation package (see pix above), and will last a lifetime—and beyond!





3 New Archival Pages: Archival 3-Hole Mounting Pages



archival pages
Do you need acid-free archival pages to display your artwork, collectibles, photographs, or letters & documents? Then consider our Archival 3-Hole Mounting Pages!
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Our new Archival 3-Hole Mounting Pages can be used to create unique and original album layouts (see pix above).



  archival pages     archival pages  
Pix on Left: Completely archival Mounting Corners come in a variety of sizes, and also in a Cut-Back Corner design
Pix on Right: Our easy-to-use Gudy Dot applicator will make mounting your materials a breeze
(Please click on each image for more information.)



This page design’s flexibility will allow you to display photographs / memorabilia / old letters / envelopes / documents / & collectibles using Mounting Corners or removable Gudy Dots adhesive (see pix above).



archival pages



These oversized 10 x 11″ acid- and lignin-free card stock archival pages (please click here for a definition of acid- and lignin-free) are available in White / Black / & Gray (see pix above), and will accommodate photos, documents, and collectibles up to 9 x 11″ WITHOUT overlapping the punched holes.

Like the Pocket Pages with Acid-Free Inserts described above, these oversized Archival 3-Hole Mounting Pages will fit ALL of our standard 3-ring binders!






  archival pages     archival pages     archival pages



If you’re looking for EXACTLY the right acid-free / 100% archival pages, consider any one of the three new pages described above, as well as ALL of our other 3-ring pages and binders!



archival pages



Whether you’re preserving or displaying your photographs, artwork, family archives, or collections, you can count on Archival Methods—the world leader in innovative design and attention to detail—to ALWAYS bring you the very best in museum-quality products & expertise available anywhere!





archival pages


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