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Museum Drop Front Box, portfolio
Archival Methods’ Museum Drop Front Box














Archival Solution of the Week:  Museum Drop Front Box



So, just WHAT DO gallery owners, art directors, hiring managers, or college / grad school art department interviewers ALL want to see? 

Sure, all of the individuals listed above want to see your best work, but they also want to see that you’re smart enough, you care enough, you’re “tuned in” enough to know that YOU NEED A STUNNING PORTFOLIO.



Museum Drop Front Box, portfolio
The Museum Drop Front Box is perfect for presenting matted or unmatted photographs, digital prints, and all kinds of artwork. It comes in a variety of sizes, including those hard-to-find digital print sizes, and is perfect for showcasing larger-sized prints and artwork – see the available size listings below. (Please click on the image for more information.)



No, I’m not talking about what’s INSIDE your portfolio, as everyone already knows that it will be your very best work.

What I’m talking about here is what is on the OUTSIDE of your body of work: the portfolio boxes / cases / print folios and other “external” presentation materials that can lend that elusive element of sophistication and elegance to EVERY body of work. 

With that in mind, this installment of our Archival Solution of the Week series of blogs will focus briefly on Archival Methods’ Museum Drop Front Box, an elegant and practical solution for ALL your presentation (and storage!) needs.

(For more information, and to see our entire archive of Archival Solutions of the Week, please click here.)



Museum Drop Front Box, portfolio
When it’s time to turn your stack of random projects and images into a finely-tuned, gallery-worthy presentation, look no further that Archival Methods’ Museum Drop Front Box. (Please click on the image to go to our illustrated blog on Art & Photography Presentation.)



Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a high school / college / grad school student, or even a devoted hobbyist, EVERYONE should be looking to make a TRULY dynamic presentation. 

After all the effort you’ve put into your work, you want your first impressions to, well, IMPRESS!



Museum Drop Front Box, portfolio
Yeah, no. This person just doesn’t “get it.” Nice mats, and perhaps nice work, yet it’s all ruined from the start by the choice of “portfolio.”



How NOT to Impress!

Perhaps it’s best to illustrate the point with reverse logic. Imagine the following being used during potential presentations: the cardboard box one might carry their work around in; the plastic garbage bag holding one’s matted photographs (hey, at least they’re dry); the repurposed tote bag you got during the last public radio pledge drive (see pix above).

While all of these “presentation” devices could be used—and as a former gallery director I’ve seen ’em all—just what sort of first impression do you think you might make with any of these variations?

Yeah, a bad one. Of epic proportions.

It’s like showing up for that important job interview in ratty gym shorts and a “I’m Only Here for the Beer” t-shirt.


You.  Just.  Don’t.  Do.  It.





Museum Drop Front Box: Sophistication and Elegance


Imagine, on the other hand, that rather than carrying your best prints around in a public radio tote bag, these very same photographs or drawings or digital prints or watercolors or just about anything else(!) are presented in a fine archival Museum Drop Front Box.

Yes, you guessed it, the three rules of any presentation are: 






No matter what medium you work in, your work will ALWAYS look better if it’s presented well, as half the battle is won with the right portfolio and presentation products. It’s not only what college or grad school art department interviewers / art directors / hiring managers / & gallery types like me expect, its what YOU need to demand!


‘Nuff said.





Museum Drop Front Box: The “Right” Portfolio


Archival Methods’ Museum Drop Front Box, like our very popular Onyx Portfolio Box, serves two purposes – elegant presentation and safe archival storage. As is the case with all the fine portfolios offered by Archival Methods, the Museum Drop Front Box is available in many different sizes to perfectly match your individual needs, including the various digital print formats:


                13.5  x  19.5  x  1.5″

                17.5  x  22.5  x  1.5″

                17.5  x  25.5  x  1.5″

               • 18.5  x  24.5  x  1.5″

               • 22.5  x  28.5  x  1.5″

               • 24.25  x  32.25  x  1.5″

               • 24.5  x  36.5  x  1.25″



Aside from the acid- and lignin-free archival materials used to make our Museum Drop Front Boxes (please click here to see our fully-illustrated blog on Archival Definitions: Acid-Free / Buffered / Unbuffered for more info), one of the greatest features is their unique design. 



Museum Drop Front Box, portfolio
The “drop front” of the Museum Drop Front Box allows you effortless access to your work without having to “dig it out” of its box. This convenient feature is strong and resilient, and with proper use will give you many years of service without tearing, breaking off, or otherwise falling apart. (Please click on the image for more information.)



A key difference between this box and the Onyx Portfolio Box resides in the fact that the Museum Drop Front Box’s lid is completely removable, allowing you easy access to your matted or unmatted prints through the unique “drop front” implied by its name (see pix above).

Built with robust double-walls, you can present or store multiple matted or unmatted prints in these boxes without ever having to worry about the precious artwork inside. Slim, spacious and strong, these boxes are also perfect for larger prints, as they are available in sizes up to that hard-to-find 24 x 36″ format.

So, if you’re looking for a sophisticated yet resilient presentation solution for your very best work, look no further than Archival Methods’ Museum Drop Front Box. We can even custom imprint them for you (click here for more info)!

In closing, if you would like additional information on EVERYTHING that goes into a fine presentation, please take a look at our Your Professional Portfolio series of illustrated blogs.

Boom! You’re off to success!


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