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Matting Multi Hole Mat                                           Matting Oval Mat

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Other Precut and Custom Matting Options and Services


In the first 5 parts of our Matting series of informative, illustrated blogs (see full list and links below) we have walked through all the steps involved to help you understand the different options available to you for matting your family photographs, collectibles, or artwork using our easy-to-navigate Custom Mat Cutting template.

Yet in addition to standard “single rectangular mats with singular rectangular windows,” Archival Methods also offers the ability to cut precision multiple windows in a single mat / custom oval or round mats / pre-cut bulk mats / archival mat and presentation kits / pre-cut exhibition mats, and a host of other matting-related products and services (please click on the highlighted links or on the photographs for more information on each product).

We hope you will always feel free to contact us to discuss archival solutions to all your matting and presentation needs.



Matting Bulk Mats       Matting Matting Kit



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Matting Pre-Cut Mats





If you would like to learn more about the differences between a “good” mat and a “bad” mat / choosing the best color and mat board thickness for your mat / how to measure your mat / and what is the difference between a “centered” or “weighed” mat / and what hinging is all about, please visit the other short yet informative blogs in our Matting series for a deeper understanding of each step of our easy-to-use Custom Mat Cutting template.


   • Part 1: Good Mats / Bad Mats – The Overall Philosophy of Matting

   • Part 2: Choosing the Best Colors and Mat Board Thickness for Your Piece

   • Part 3: Outside Measurements / Inside Window Measurements / Cropping

   • Part 4: “Centered” or “Weighted” Mats

   • Part 5: Hinging Your Mat Board

   • Part 6: Other Precut and Custom Mat Cutting Options and Services (you’re here now)


The overall goal of our Matting series is to take the mystery out of enhancing your family photographs, collectible images, or your art portfolio – leaving you with a stunning, archivally matted presentation and the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that you’ve done things right! This series will be followed by a similar set of blogs that will explain everything you need to know to mount your work in your new mats. Stay tuned!



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