Archival Update | Genealogy & Collections 1 | Newspaper & Magazine Storage

  • Archival Update | Genealogy & Collections 1 | Newspaper & Magazine Storage


Archival Update / Genealogy & Collections 1:

Newspaper & Magazine Storage



magazine storage
(Please click on the image to see our new short video on Archival Methods’ all-in-one Newspaper & Magazine Storage Kits.)



Well, folks, every once in a while we’ll be working on a NEW blog or short video that takes a fresh look at a topic we may have PREVIOUSLY covered in one form or another.

So, creating a series of short “Archival Update” blogs (this is the first, stay tuned!) will give us the opportunity to show you some of the NEW photographs that we’ve recently produced that will further illustrate key features of archival products that were NOT in the original blogs or videos on the topic cuz…um…well, we hadn’t shot ’em yet!



Case in Point: Newspaper & Magazine Storage!



  magazine storage            magazine storage  
Our two fully-illustrated blogs on archivally storing old newspapers and magazines. See NEW pix below!
(Please click on each image to get to each blog.)



In October of 2015 we published an illustrated blog entitled Preserving / Archivally Storing Old Newspapers (pix on left, above) which, by the way is our MOST POPULAR BLOG EVER! (It’s just beating out our Preserving Old Letters in the Digital Age, our second most popular blog!)

Then in April of 2016 we published an illustrated blog entitled Archival Solution of the Week / Newspaper & Magazine Storage Kits (pix on right, above).



magazine storage
We shot some new pix for this new video, cuz it’s new. Check out the new pix below cuz they’re new, in a new sort of way. (In all seriousness, folks, click on this image to watch our new short video on our Newspaper & Magazine Storage Kits – it’s NEW!)



Well, in December of 2016 we produced a cool video on our Newspaper & Magazine Storage Kits, and below are some of the NEW pix that went into that video (please click on pix above to see this short video).

So, as a quick “Archival Update” on safely storing and preserving old newspapers and magazines in YOUR genealogy archive or collection, take a look at the pix below!






magazine storage
The intro panel for our new short video on our 100% acid-free Newspaper & Magazine
Storage Kits – and “Kits” is PLURAL, cuz there are FIVE different sizes available!
(Please click on this image to watch this short video.)






  magazine storage       magazine storage  
Each of the FIVE different sizes of Newspaper & Magazine Storage Kits comes with an appropriately-sized acid-free drop front box /
10 archival polypropylene bags that fit that size / & a moisture-absorbing desiccant canister in either metal or plastic (more desiccant info below).
(Please click on either image for more information.)






  magazine storage       magazine storage

Archival Methods offers different sized Newspaper & Magazine Storage Kits as newspapers (see pix above)
and magazines (see pix below), old and new, come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.
(Pease click on any image for more information.)

  magazine storage       magazine storage






  magazine storage       magazine storage  
As mentioned above, each Newspaper & Magazine Storage Kit comes with YOUR CHOICE of reusable moisture-absorbing desiccant canister
(see red boxes above). The desiccant in the METAL housing on the left can be easily reactivated in a conventional oven, while the desiccant in
the PLASTIC housing on the right can be reactivated in a standard microwave oven. (Please click on each image for more information.)






  magazine storage       magazine storage  
So, folks, we’ve been discussing “old” newspapers and magazines in your genealogy archive or collection, yet our Newspaper & Magazine Storage Kits
are also PERFECT for organizing(!) and archivally protecting(!!!) more recent or current materials you want to keep safe (and easily accessible!).
(Please click on each image for more information.)






magazine storage
Safe, archival newspaper & magazine storage made easy with our all-in-one kits!
(Please click on the image for more information.)



Yes folks, newspaper and magazine styles and sizes come and go, yet if you’re looking for the very best acid-free / museum-quality organizational and storage solution for ALL your printed materials, check out our Newspaper & Magazine Storage Kits, as there’s a REASON they’re so popular…

…extraordinary archival quality NEVER goes out of style!





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