Archival Solution of the Week | Economical & Practical Binder-in-a-Box







Archival Solution of the Week: Economical & Practical Binder-in-a-Box



Archival Methods’ unique Binder-in-a-Box combines the protection of an acid-free metal edged box with the utility and convenience of an archival ring binder!

Constructed of durable ArchivalGrade BoxBoard – and available in FOUR different colors! (see pix above) – our Binder-in-a-Box is a multi-purpose storage solution that offers ease-of-use, economical practicality, and assured archival quality!



Our archival Binder-in-a-Box is PERFECT for safely organizing, displaying and storing ALL your snapshots and photographs! (Please click on the image for more information.)



While well-suited for acid-free photo organization, filing, storage and display (see pix above), our Binder-in-a-Box can also be used for genealogical records, 35mm slides (see pix below), important papers & letters, postcards, CDs & DVDs, and practically ANY collectables one might otherwise store in a “standard” binder.



35mm slides aren’t used much anymore, but they should ALWAYS be preserved! Our Binder-in-a-Box is the perfect archival solution for both easy access and long-term storage. (Please click on the image to see our fully-illustrated blog on Preserving 35mm Slides.)



In addition to being a great “long-term” storage solution, the rugged design of Archival Methods’ Binder-in-a-Box also lends itself well to “active storage” of collections that are used frequently – even on a day-to-day basis – by family members, collectors, genealogists, students, researchers, and archivists.



Binder-in-a-Box: The Specs





The 1-1/2 inch O-Rings of our Binder-in-a-Box provide the storage capabilities of a secure BINDER, while the BOX enclosure itself provides much greater protection from dust, dirt and other environmental pollutants than standard, “open” 3-ring binders.



  binder-in-a-box             binder-in-a-box  
Left to right: important letters and notes from the family genealogy archive / collectible first day covers of envelopes signed by Apollo moon mission astronauts. Such important artifacts can be easily stored in a variety of archivally safe 3-ring pages, and then placed in our Binder-in-a-Box for both quick access and long term acid-free protection. (Please click on each image for more information, and please click here to see our illustrated blog on Preserving Old Letters in the Digital Age / please click here to see our illustrated blog on Historic Signatures: Preserving Signed Artifacts.)



Our Binder-in-a-Box accommodates ALL of Archival Methods’ 3-ring page formats (see pix above), up to and including 10-1/2 x 12-1/2 inch sizes.

The clamshell design offers double wall protection, while the cutaway side provides easy access for page turning. The rust-proof black metal corners provide excellent stacking strength, and the embossed labeling area on each box accurately and consistently locates and positions standard pressure-sensitive (PSA) identification labels.






As mentioned, Archival Methods’ Binder-in-a-Box is available in FOUR distinctive colors to perfectly match your tastes and decor (see pix above):


            Tan (smooth plate finish / white acid-free interior & core)

            Gray (smooth plate finish / white acid-free interior & core)

            Black (laminated black textured finish / black acid-free interior & core)

            Matte White (laminated white smooth-textured & water-resistant finish / gray acid-free interior & core)


All of the color dyes used in the manufacture of the ArchivalGrade BoxBoard used to make our high-quality Binder-in-a-Box are light-fast and non-bleeding.


If you’re looking for a museum-quality binder that is both economical and offers the protection of a fully-closable acid-free outer box, then look no further than Archival Methods’ Binder-in-a-Box! They’re made with pride right here in the USA in Archival Methods’ own on-site production facility, so quality workmanship is ALWAYS assured!





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