Celebrating 2 YEARS! | Our TOP 5 Archival Storage & Presentation Blogs (in SIX categories!)



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Celebrating 2 YEARS!

Our TOP 5 Archival Storage & Presentation Blogs (in SIX categories!)



With this blog we here at Archival Methods are celebrating the TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our fully-illustrated(!), friendly(!!) and informative(!!!) blogs on archival storage and presentation, which have been read—quite literally!—hundreds of thousands of times!

As part of this celebration, let’s take a look at the TOP 5 of the VERY BEST and MOST POPULAR blogs we’ve written in each of these categories:


            Photography & Fine Art Storage & Presentation

            Genealogy & Family History Solutions

            Preserving Collections in Enclosures & Boxes

            Archival Portfolios / Cases / Boxes / & Binders

            Acid-Free Matting / Mounting / & Framing

            All-in-One Archival Kits & Accessories


So, grab a piece of anniversary cake and scroll down to find examples of our 140+ illustrated blogs (thus far! – as more are on the way!) that are jam-packed with helpful tips that will address all YOUR particular archival storage & presentation needs.

We KNOW you’ll find just what you’re looking for! (Please click on each link to see each fully-illustrated blog.)






  archival storage     archival storage     archival storage     archival storage  
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Our Top 5 Blogs: Fine Art & Photography Presentation & Storage



Why We Wrote These Blogs:  Artists & photographers often already know of the importance of archival storage and presentation, yet they may not know ALL the details regarding just how EASY IT IS to “do things right.” These blog will do just that!


  •  Top 10 List | Creating Professional(!) Art & Photography Exhibitions

  •  Fine Art & Photography Portfolios | Archival Solutions MADE IN THE USA!

  •  Student Shows & Final Crits | Art & Photography Presentation

  •  Your Professional Portfolio | Part 1 | Matting Your Artwork

  •  Your Professional Portfolio | Part 3 | Portfolio Boxes, Cases, Folios






  archival storage     archival storage     archival storage
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Our Top 5 Blogs: Genealogy & Family History Solutions



Why We Wrote These Blogs:  Genealogy & family history research will often uncover TONS of different types of family artifacts. These fully-illustrated blogs discuss both OVERALL ARCHIVAL PHILOSOPHY and SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS for the archival storage & presentation of the irreplaceable materials you have in YOUR family archive.



  •  Preserving Old Letters in the Digital Age

  •  4 Do-It-Yourself Steps to Preserve ALL Your Snapshots: SORT | STORE | SCAN | SHARE!

  •  DO Digitize Your Old Photos & Family Snapshots / DON’T Neglect Your Originals!

  •  Preserving Old Recipes | Treasuries of Family Traditions

  •  American Family Archives | Preserving Family Photo Albums







  archival storage     archival storage     archival storage  
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Our Top 5 Blogs: Preserving Collections in Enclosures & Boxes



Why We Wrote These Blogs:  People collect ALL SORTS of stuff—from old toys to fabric materials, and from postcards to old magazines & newspapers. These blogs cover a host of tips & tricks for preserving all kinds of collectibles and collections, including YOURS!


  •  Preserving & Archivally Storing Old Newspapers

  •  Light Damage | Protecting Your Collections from Harm

   American Family Archives | Preserving Toys – Old & New

   American Family Archives | Postcards | Family History & Archival Care

   American Family Archives | Preserving Wedding Dresses & Heirloom Fabrics







  archival storage    archival storage    archival storage    
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Our Top 5 Blogs: Archival Portfolios / Cases / Boxes / & Binders



Why We Wrote These Blogs:  Archival boxes, cases and binders are widely used for both elegant PRESENTATIONS and acid-free STORAGE. Yet which box and binder is right for YOUR needs? Our fully-illustrated blogs explain the differences & advantages of many types of archival boxes and binders, so check them ALL out!



  •  Archival Boxes | Quick(!!!) Overviews | Three New 1-MINUTE Videos

  •  Archival Storage Boxes | Part 1 | Flat Storage

  •  Archival Storage Boxes | Part 2 | Object & Artifact Storage

  •  Archival Solution of the Week | 3-Inch Drop Front Box

  •  Archival Solution of the Week | Collector Grade 3-Ring Binders







  archival storage     archival storage     
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Our Top 5 Blogs: Acid-Free Matting / Mounting / & Framing



Why We Wrote These Blogs:  Many people think that matting / mounting / & framing their artwork, photographs, collectibles, and family artifacts is a difficult and mysterious process best left to frame shops and such. Well, ALL of the steps to a PERFECTLY (and ARCHIVALLY!) matted & framed piece can be done by YOU! And we at Archival Methods are here to help you EACH STEP OF THE WAY!



  •  Matting | Part 1 | Good Mats & Bad Mats

  •  Matting | Part 2 | Choosing Mat Board Colors & Thickness

  •  Framing Art for an Elegant and Professional Look

  •  Archival Solution of the Week | Gallery 12 Wood Frames

  •  Archival Solution of the Week | Bright White 100% Cotton Museum Mat Board







  archival storage     archival storage     archival storage     
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Our Top 5 Blogs: All-in-One Archival Kits & Accessories



Why We Wrote These Blogs:  We here at Archival Methods have over 100 YEARS of collective experience in the arts & sciences of archival preservation. This is precisely why so many major museums, galleries, and world-renowned artists look to us for their archival storage & presentation needs. This experience has also allowed us to know JUST WHAT KIND of all-in-one acid-free kits people like YOU need, kits that will save you both TIME and MONEY!



  •  Classic Archival Kits for Photographs / Artwork / Documents / Fabrics / Everything!

  •  Archival Kits | Quick(!!!) Overviews | Three New 1-MINUTE Videos

  •  Organize 4×6 Photos with Three Fine Kits

  •  Archival Solution of the Week | Newspaper & Magazine Storage Kits

  •  Archival Solution of the Week | USB & Memory Card Storage Kit






archival storage



So, above are just a few of our MANY fully-illustrated blogs! We would like to thank EVERYONE who has made these helpful & informative blogs on archival storage & presentation a success over the past two years, and please check back often as we’re ALWAYS adding new installments!






archival storage


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