Archival Portfolios & Cases | Reusable “Standard Sizes” Save You Time & Money



Archival Portfolios & Cases:

Reusable “Standard Sizes” Save You Time & Money



  archival portfolios     archival portfolios
Hand-made quality coupled with elegant yet durable design are the hallmarks of truly great archival portfolios.
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Whether you’ve spent a lifetime honing your skills as a photographer or artist—or you’re either just starting out or consider yourself a serious hobbyist—there will be many exciting opportunities to show your work to galleries / prospective clients / job interviewers / grant proposal representatives / & grad school department chairs.

When the time comes to show your work the 3 Rules of Presentation take center stage:




                     Archival Quality


All of these rules are elegantly addressed when you use any of the hand-built standard size archival portfolios & presentation boxes mentioned in this blog, all of which also address an important 4th RuleSaving Time & Money.


  archival portfolios     archival portfolios  
From our relatively inexpensive Drop Front Boxes to our top-of-the-line Museum / Solander Cases, each adds professionalism to all your presentations. 
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The key reasons why you should consider using “standard size” archival portfolios & presentation cases include:


1.) they are generally less expensive to manufacture (saving you money), while remaining available in a wide range of sizes / colors / & depths (giving you many “custom” options)

2.) matted or unmatted artwork sized to fit any of these standard size cases & boxes will also fit a wide range of similarly-sized enclosures / frames / shipping cases / etc., making organization & archival storage easy

3.) they’re cost-effective, as they can be reused again & again for many different presentations over many years


Let’s take a closer look….



Archival Portfolios in Standard Sizes

Photographers / artists / & collectors have all sorts of images & artifacts in their portfolios or collections that come in a variety of shapes & sizes. Yet there are “standard sizes” that are used as benchmark measurements in the arts, including these familiar formats:

4 x 5″    5 x 7″    8 x 10″

11 x 14″    14 x 18″    16 x 20″

20 x 24″    22 x 28″    32 x 40″

Using these standard measurements allows Archival Methods to focus on the most common & popular sizes, which reduces manufacturing costs and allows the savings to be passed on to you.


  archival portfolios       
“Standard sized” Onyx Portfolio Boxes, shown on Archival Methods’ manufacturing shop floor.
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For example, there are many types of archival products designed to present & store 11 x 14-inch images, as that’s a very common size.

It is specifically because it is such a popular size that Archival Methods can “mass produce” even hand-assembled items such as our 11 x 14-inch Onyx Portfolio Boxes (see images above & below) and our other museum-quality cases & boxes.

In a nutshell: mass production = lower costs to us = lower costs to you.


Onyx Portfolio Boxes being built – one at a time, by hand – in our onsite facility.
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Using “Standard Sizes” Does Not Preclude Your Own “Customization”

Yet even when choosing “standard sized” archival portfolios, a significant degree of “customization” is still available in terms of what specific type of box you would like to use (Drop Front Box / Onyx Portfolio Box / Museum Solander Case / Museum Drop Front Box / etc.), and the depth / color / & liner options that are often available (see images below).


archival portfolios

  archival portfolios     archival portfolios   
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Standard sized Drop Front Boxes (top image) come in a variety of colors & depths, while Onyx Portfolio Boxes (bottom images) come with either white or black liners and are available in three depths, providing you with many choices to enhance & personalize your portfolio.



Standard Size Portfolios Will Fit All Kinds of Archival Support Materials

By using standard size archival portfolios & presentation boxes you can use many other museum-quality acid-free products that will “work” with those sizes (see images below).


archival portfolios
Examples of very different art & artifacts, all of which have been matted & enclosed in off-the-shelf standard sized archival materials.
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In the images above, each artwork or artifact is a different size  /  from a different era  /  and was printed on a different material, yet everything fits in either Pre-Cut or Custom Cut standard sized 11 x 14-inch 100% Cotton Museum Board Mats   which were then placed in individual 11 x 14-inch Crystal Clear Bags to protect them  /  and each was then placed into an 11 x 14-inch Black Drop Front Box.

All this serves as a perfect example of standard sized archival portfolios fitting hand-in-glove with other similarly-sized archival products, offering you great flexibility when assembling your portfolio for both presentation & archival storage.



Archival Portfolios: The Investment That Pays You Back


  archival portfolios          archival portfolios
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As mentioned, Archival Methods products are built to last and can be used for various portfolio presentations, often over many years. In the above example, the same Onyx Portfolio Box can be used to present PERSONAL work (left) & then used again to present PROFESSIONAL work (right). 

This ability to reuse standard sized archival portfolios saves you time & money—all while enhancing any presentation you might make—by allowing you to use the same fine Portfolio Box / Presentation CaseDrop Front Box / or Digital Print Folio for different work you might need to present at different points in your career or to different audiences (see images above & below).


archival portfolios

  archival portfolios     archival portfolios     archival portfolios  
Our Digital Print Folio comes in 6 standard digital print sizes, which can be used to showcase any of the different elements of your portfolio.
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From your smallest work (above) to your largest (below), using—& reusing—the right archival portfolio is the key to success.


  archival portfolios     archival portfolios 
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Museum Drop Front Boxes, pictured above, are available in 7 standard sizes, all of which are perfect for displaying your matted or unmatted digital photographs & large artwork. The removable lid makes access to your work during key presentations quick & easy, as it can be completely removed & either placed out of the way or used as a tray to hold your work as you’re moving on to the next piece. Built by hand, these robust museum-quality boxes can last a lifetime.


archival portfoliosOur presentation portfolios & boxes, like these Museum/Solander Cases, are sized to fit your every need.
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In closing, over the years we’ve seen the work of artists & photographers evolve & grow, and seen their need for durable yet elegant archival portfolios evolve & grow with them.

If this sounds like you, then look no further than Archival Methods’ museum-quality portfolios / cases / and boxes, all of which are hand-made in our own on-site facility here in the USA. They’re perfect for even the most important presentations, and will showcase & enhance your evolving portfolios for years to come.


archival portfolios

  archival portfolios     archival portfolios  
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