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Editor’s Note: this is a rather short blog, folks, as it is mostly made up of LOTS of pictures of premium Archival Methods products in terms of the ECO-FRIENDLY ways they’re:

       1.) made—one at a time—by hand 

       2.) shipped to you—safely & securely—every time

So please take a moment to read through this fully-illustrated blog, as the concept of “PRESERVATION” is what Archival Methods is all about when it comes to ALL OF YOUR artwork / photographs / collections / & family archives, and the “preservation” of our environment applies to ALL OF US as global citizens!



Archival Methods works to extend the concept of  “preservation” of your artwork /
photographs / family archives / & collections to include the “preservation” of our
shared environment by practicing eco-friendly procedures & policies EVERY DAY! 



So folks, I could start this short blog with a bunch of great pix of our world-class / museum-quality archival presentation & storage products (don’t worry, ALL SORTS of pix & links to the archival solutions YOU need are just below!).

Instead, let me start with our dumpster. 



Archival Methods’ actual dumpster, out back behind our offices / warehouse / shipping facility. Read on!



Yeah, our DUMPSTER!

So, just what would you think if I told you that we need to have this dumpster emptied ONCE A DAY, or even ONCE A WEEK???

Yikes! You’d think that we’re generating an awful lot of trash / we’re a pretty major contributor to landfills / and we’re definitely NOT eco-friendly!

In fact, folks, we have this dumpster (which, BTW, is a rather SMALL dumpster as these things go) emptied only ONCE A MONTH!!!

To see how we do it, read on!

(And please click on all the pix for direct links to the museum-quality archival products YOU need!)





Extraordinary Quality That is Eco-Friendly: Archival Methods Manufacturing


Yeah, we here at Archival Methods are known the world over for our museum-quality, easy-to-use archival products, many of which we make ourselves in our own facilities right here in the USA, including these:



archival     archival
(Please click on each image for more information.)

archival     archival
(Please click on each image for more information.)

archival     archival



Now, you might think that the manufacture of all of these high-quality, acid-free archival products would generate tons and tons of waste.

Sure, we have lots of box board & fabric outcuts, but everything that CAN be recycled IS recycled!

Let’s take a quick look!






  archival     archival
Making 100% archival Onyx Portfolio Boxes, ONE-BY-ONE and BY HAND, in our own facility across the street from our offices.
(Please click on either image for more information.)



  archival     archival
Pix on Left: 100% acid-free box board destined to be cut & assembled into our museum-quality Black Metal Edge Drop Front Boxes.
Pix on Right: 4-inch Onyx Portfolio Boxes on left, ultra cool Black Metal Edge Drop Front Boxes on the right.

(Please click on either image for more information.)



Outcuts from the black archival board from the pix above are stacked in front / outcuts from the box board used to make Onyx Portfolios are stacked in back, all so that EVERYTHING can be RECYCLED!(Please click on the image for more information.)



In a nutshell, our in-house manufacturing of boxes & binders is a multi-step process. Yet we take the FINAL step—recycling just about EVERYTHING—to be a fundamentally important part of this process!



  archival    archival
Pix on Left: High-quality box board for our Onyx Portfolios is cut to EXACTING specifications.
Pix on Right: This board is then assembled, BY HAND, into the BEST portfolios boxes made anywhere in the world…
(Please click on either image for more information.)



…yet our Onyx Portfolios are NOT FINISHED until we’ve recycled our outcuts!



archivalThe FINAL Manufacturing Step: Skids of scrap outcuts ready to be sent out for recycling.

‘Nuff said!




Many of the boxes & binders hand-built by Archival Methods are wrapped in fine fabrics for both an elegant look and for extremely durable wear.

We treat our fabric outcuts and scraps from the manufacture of these products the same way we treat our board outcuts—we recycle EVERYTHING WE CAN!



  archival     archival  
(Please click on each image for more information.)

Top Pix on Left: A finished Museum Drop Front Box on our computerized precision fabric cutter.
Top Pix on Right: One of the fabric components that go into our Museum Drop Front Box and its outcut.
Bottom Pix: Our top-of-the-line Museum / Solander Cases ready to be carefully wrapped & sent across the street to our warehouse.
(Please click on each image for more information.)



archivalYup, EVERYTHING is saved and recycled, whenever possible.
This company-wide policy is the reason our dumpster STAYS EMPTY!





Once we’ve finished assembling and inspecting each (and EVERY!) hand-made archival box or binder, we carefully pack them for transport across the street to our warehouse facility, where they will be placed on their respective shelves (see pix below) ahead of being shipped out to major museums / galleries / collectors / and to YOU!

Yet even the cardboard boxes we use for internal inventory transfers and logistics are used over & over (& OVER!) again to reduce waste and trash.

Boom! Empty dumpster!



  archival     archival  
(Please click on each image for more information.)

  archival     archival
Keeping an eco-friendly footprint is VERY important to all of us here at Archival Methods,
so we indeed “Reduce / Reuse / Recycle” in our shipping department, too (see below).
(Please click on each image for more information.)





Extraordinary Quality That is Eco-Friendly: Archival Methods Shipping



  archival     archival
All of our archival products are sturdy & built to last a lifetime (& MORE!), but to MAKE SURE they get to you in one piece
we go to great lengths to ensure your order is not damaged in transit. Our shipping boxes are strong & durable / they’re
packed extraordinarily well by our experienced shipping team (see below) / and they can be REUSED by YOU. Perfect!
(Please click on either image for more information.)



We at Archival Methods are aware of the fact that using bubblewrap or packing peanuts
is NOT the most eco-friendly way of safely getting your materials to you. Read on!



  archival          archival
Instead of using packing peanuts or bubblewrap, we use crumpled and expertly placed sheets of packing paper, which is itself 100% recycled.
And, like our high-quality shipping boxes, you can either REUSE this material, or RECYCLE it yet again to keep it out of landfills!



In addition to our own boxes, since we receive all sorts of fine-quality archival materials from our vendors we will occasionally
reuse the boxes they came in as part of our company-wide efforts to “Reduce / Reuse / Recycle.” We only use boxes that are
structurally sound, clean, & meet our VERY high standards. When we do use such a box we include a printout of the information below.



archival“A Greener Environment – ONE Box at a Time.”



archivalAny boxes that come into our warehouse that do not meet our high standards for possible reuse are
broken down & recycled, and it’s been that way since we first opened our doors MORE THAN A DECADE AGO!





So, folks, there you have it. We here at Archival Methods make thousands of the following 100% acid-free museum-quality products each year (see pix below), and as part of our expert manufacturing processes we include Reducing / Reusing / Recycling as part of our corporate culture.



  archival     archival 
(Please click on each image for more information.)

  archival     archival
(Please click on each image for more information.)

  archival     archival



None of the high-quality archival supplies we make ourselves (see pix above) could exist without generating significant quantities of outcuts and scraps (see pix below).

Yet no finished products ever leave through our FRONT DOOR without everything that can be recycled leaving through our BACK DOOR!

That’s just who we are!



archivalArchival Methods is DEDICATED to the eco-friendly philosophy of
“Reduce / Reuse / Recycle!”


In closing, whether it’s a trained conservator at a world-class museum who is involved in the archival preservation of historic images or collections (see left-hand pix below), or it’s an artist / photographer / genealogist / or collector
(= YOU!) who is interested in the acid-free presentation & storage of their materials (see right-hand pix below), Archival Methods is a computer click or phone call away with the FINEST materials & supplies (and FREE ADVICE!) available anywhere!

And every step of the way—from manufacturing from raw materials to shipping finished products—it’s ALL done in an ECO-FRIENDLY way!



  archival     archival
Pix on Left: A trained conservator doing her thing.
Pix on Right: One of our elegant and sturdy Museum Drop Front Boxes.
(Please click on the left-hand image to see our fully-illustrated blog on Conservators: Pros You Should Know,
please click on the right-hand image to see our fully-illustrated blog on this versatile presentation and storage box.)







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