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So folks, we here at Archival Methods recently launched a blog in which we featured 3 NEW archival page designs (see pix above, & click here to get there).

Well, we’re back with a quick overview of 3 ADDITIONAL new or newly redesigned archival products we have recently unveiled.

Take a look!



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Left to Right: Archival Methods newly redesigned Metal Edge Boxes;  Museum / Solander Cases;  USB / Memory Card Storage Kit
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3 New Archival Methods Products: Newly Redesigned Metal Edge Boxes



archival methods
ALL  of our tan Metal Edge Boxes have just been upgraded with a stunning 100% acid-free white lining, including our workhorse 3-Inch Drop Front Box shown here! (Please click on the image for more information.)



While the classic Metal Edge Box is a venerable workhorse that has been used by artists, photographers, collectors, museum professionals, and genealogists for decades, since we here at Archival Methods are now making them ourselves we though we might make a tweak here & there.



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Our FULL RANGE of tan Metal Edge Boxes now come with an elegant white interior lining (see pix above & below). This white acid-free lining adds both sophistication and yet another layer of archival protection to each box. In fact, these boxes are now SO cool that while often used for STORAGE they can also be used for PRESENTATIONS!



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Our economical Metal Edge Boxes are PERFECT for the storage and presentation of all sorts of flat materials and objects, including photographs & digital prints / musical scores / pamphlets / letters & documents / newspapers & magazines / even three-dimensional objects like Christmas ornaments / antique toys / and all sorts of other types of collectibles (please click on each link to see our fully-illustrated blogs on each subject).



  archival methods     archival methods  
Our 100% acid-free Document Storage Kits (on left) and our various sizes of Newspaper & Magazine Storage Kits (on right)
now come with our newly redesigned / white-lined Metal Edge Boxes. (Please click on each image for more information.)



For a practical & sophisticated-looking solution to ALL your storage (& even PRESENTATION!) needs, check out Archival Methods newly redesigned acid-free Metal Edge Boxes!





3 New Archival Methods Products: Newly Redesigned Museum / Solander Case



archival methodsOur newly redesigned Museum / Solander Case has a bunch of new features. Read on!
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Yeah, so what could POSSIBLY be “new” with regard to a storage / display case that has been in use for OVER 200 YEARS?!?!?

(Please click here for more information, as the “Solander Case” is SO well-regarded that it even has its own Wikipedia page!)



archival methodsEach Museum / Solander Case opens FLAT, providing quick (& SAFE!) access to your materials.
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As with our Metal Edge Boxes discussed above, seeing that we here at Archival Methods are now making OUR OWN Museum / Solander Cases, we’ve made some significant improvements!






First, we’ve increased the thickness of the acid-free board that lines the interior of each case (see pix above). This adds EVEN MORE archival protection for your important art / photography / collections / genealogy materials. This added thickness also provides for an even closer “fit” when the case is closed to help keep out airborne environmental pollutants and moisture.



archival methodsCheck out the NEW orientation of the secure latches, as they now open DOWNWARD!
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Next, we reconfigured the way the sturdy latches function, as they now open DOWNWARD and out of the way (see pix above). While perhaps a “simple” change, this new latch orientation reduces the possibility of your matted or unmatted materials accidentally coming into contact with—and potentially being damaged by—an upturned latch. Boom! Simple yet effective!



  archival methods      archival methods  
Pix on Left: Archival Methods Museum / Solander Cases come in NINE standard sizes, from 11 x 14″ to a whopping 30 x 40″!!!
Pix on Right: select, low-resin basswood forms the front / back / & sides of our rugged & durable Museum / Solander Case
(Please click on either image to see our short video on these elegant and sturdy cases.)



Yet for all our great (& PRACTICAL!) changes, some things we DIDN’T change!


MANY SIZES: our Museum / Solander Cases still come in a NINE convenient sizes (check them out here)

 STRENGTH: each case is still made with the finest basswood structural elements—to last a lifetime (& BEYOND!)

 ARCHIVAL QUALITY: each case provides the PERFECT acid-free environment for YOUR important materials

ELEGANCE & SOPHISTICATION: yup, those two words say it ALL!



archival methodsWorld-class archival protection, sophistication, and ease-of-use make this case unique!
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If you’re looking for a strong & elegant case to store & present your finest artwork, photographs and collections, consider our NEW Museum / Solander Cases. They’re made right here in the USA to the exacting standards you have come to expect from Archival Methods!





3 New Archival Methods Products: USB / Memory Card Storage Kit


archival methods
The kitchen or office junk drawer is definitely NOT the place to store your USB thumb drives and camera memory cards! (Please click on the image for more information.

Are you looking for a safe, archival solution for organizing and storing your USB flash drives (also known as thumb drives) and your camera memory cards?

Is the small profile of these storage devices making identification of their contents difficult? 

Well, Archival Methods’ new USB & Memory Card Storage Kit solves BOTH of these problems, once and for all!

archival methods(Please click on the image for more information.)

This all-in-one kit provides organized storage for ALL your memory cards & USB thumb drives. 

It also includes an Indexing Card and individual labels to help you sort everything out / get organized / & keep track of what’s what!

archival methods
Our USB / Memory Card Storage Kit is EXTRAORDINARILY versatile!
The kit and its 8 tray bins will hold:

1. Dozens upon dozens of camera or video memory cards (in their protective sleeves)
2. Up to 48 USB thumb drives
3. 35mm slides
4. CDs / DVDs / DVD-Rs
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This kit’s compact acid-free
 Gray Hinged Lid Box (see pix above) measures 5-1/8’’ wide  x  5-7/8’’ deep  x  3’’ high. It provides easy access to your contents, and is sized to also hold CDs / DVDs / & DVD-Rs in cases or sleeves.

archival methods
Our USB & Memory Card Storage Kit: organization & identification made easy!
1. Index Card, for indexing and cross-referencing your USB drives and memory cards.
2. Perfectly-sized labels let you number or otherwise identify your media.
3. Easy-to-assemble acid-free dividers keep your Tray Bins organized.
4. One of the 8 fold-together acid-free Tray Bins included in the kit.
5. Assembled Tray Bin with dividers can also be written on & cross-referenced. 
(Please click on the image for more information.)

To organize and store your USB drives, the acid-free dividers included with the kit create 6 separate storage spaces within each of the 8 Tray Bins, while the kit’s Index Card provides reference information for each divided section of these Tray Bins (see pix above).

The perfectly-sized 3/8 x 5/8″ labels – easily removed without sticky residue – can be used to cross-reference your USB drives’ or memory cards’ location within the kit, and provide you with the opportunity to add an index number or written title for each of these drives or memory cards.

  archival methods       archival methods  
All the component parts of our new USB / Memory Card Storage Kit can be assembled in minutes, as illustrated in the
easy-to-follow, step-by-step visual instructions. One-two-three-BOOM! You’re done (and ARCHIVALLY ORGANIZED)!
(Please click on the images for more information.)

Archival Methods’ USB / Memory Card Storage Kit—a compact, acid-free solution to your organizational needs!




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So folks, ALL OF US here at Archival Methods are pleased to be able to bring you the new & newly redesigned storage & presentation products described above, and we hope you’ll stop back often for EVEN MORE news on what we’re up to!

Until then, we hope you’ll contact us (see below) with any questions you may have!





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