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  archival kits       archival kits  
From this (pix on left) — to THIS (pix on right)!
See how YOU can GET ORGANIZED with our three new 1-minute videos covering some of our MOST POPULAR acid-free archival kits!
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So, a quick question, folks…


archival kits


…got THREE minutes?

If so, then take a look at our three new VERY SHORT (only one minute each!) videos on the PERFECT all-in one archival kits for storing your snapshots / documents / letters / & 35mm slides in your family archive or collection with videos on our…


                     4 x 6 Archive 900 Kit

                     Document Storage Kit

                     35mm Slide Storage Kits & Pages


So, grab your granddad’s pocket watch and get ready to learn what ya gotta know in only ONE MINUTE per video!





1-Minute Videos on Archival Kits: 4 x 6 Archive 900 Kit



archival kits
Our 4 x 6 Archive 900 Kit will hold 900 snapshots in one convenient (and archivally safe!) location. Boom! You’re done! (Please click on the image to see our new short video.)



Want to turn your collection of loose snapshots and old-school film processing envelopes into a safe & well-organized archive?

If so, then consider our 4 x 6 Archive 900 Kit (hey, it has “archive” in its very name!).



  archival kits     archival kits      archival kits  
Our new short video will explain everything included in this easy-to-use kit – one of the most popular archival kits we have:
1.) acid-free Hinged Lid Box
2.) 4 x 6 Archive Envelopes 
3.) All-Purpose Index Cards 
(Please click on each image for more information on each individual archival product included with this kit.)



Yup, our 4 x 6 Archive 900 Kit is one of our MOST POPULAR archival kits for a reason, folks!

It’s simple to use, and will keep your photos and snapshots—old & new—organized / identified / & archivally safe for generations to come!



  archival kits     archival kits     archival kits  
With spaces to transfer important info on all your snapshots, organization is a breeze!
(Please click on any image to see our one-minute video on these practical archival kits.)



So, if ya want more info, please check out our new 1-minute video here. We’d also like to invite you to read our fully-illustrated blog on our 4 x 6 Archive 900 Kit here.

You’ll be glad ya did!





1-Minute Videos on Archival Kits: Document Storage Kit



archival kits
Our Document Storage Kit will preserve your materials in a safe, acid-free environment.
(Please click on the image to see our short 1-minute video.)



Yes folks, if you have letters / documents / photographs / or other important items in your collection or family archive, then our Document Storage Kits are the PERFECT archival kits for both easy access and the PEACE-OF-MIND that comes with knowing your materials are safely housed in completely acid-free folders and boxes.

For a quick overview, just check out our new short video here.



 archival kits      archival kits 
Each Document Storage Kit comes complete with a package of 50 acid-free half-cut file folders, with tabs for written or printed labels.
(Please click either pix for more information on archival file folders.)



archival kits
Yeah, so just what’s up with the string loop you’ve perhaps noticed on the bottom of each box??? Well, these are pull-strings that make life easy when retrieving your Document Storage Kits from your shelf. Yup, we thought of EVERYTHING – so you won’t have to! (Please click on the image for more information.)



For those looking for archival kits that match their decor, we offer these versatile Document Storage Kits in THREE different colors: BLACK / TAN / & GRAY (see pix below).

Perfect to mix-‘n-match, or color-coordinate! 



archival kits
(Please click on the image for more information.)



Whatever flat stuff you need to store—from important or collectible letters & documents, to photographs, to anything else you might have—take a look at our short video on Document Storage Kits to get a sense of just how safe and convenient these archival kits really are.



  archival kits      archival kits      archival kits  
As mentioned, our Document Storage Kits are available in three colors to match your tastes and decor.
(Please click on any image for more information.)



Want to know more about our document storage? Well, please see our fully-illustrated blog on these all-in-one archival kits by clicking here, and take a look at our VERY popular blog on Preserving Old Letters in the Digital Age by clicking here.





1-Minute Videos on Archival Kits: 35mm Slide Storage



archival kits
Want to know EXACTLY how (and WHY!) to preserve your old 35mm slides? Check out our little-over-a-minute* video! (Please click on the image to go straight to this short video.)



*Ok, ok, so this particular short video is 79 seconds long (rather than a minute), but ONLY because we decided to include short info on slide pages & binders in the mix. 

Yet what we’re talkin’ about right here, folks, are slide storage kits! 



archival kits
Yes folks, these slides are the ONLY record of the events pictured, so THAT is why such images should be “sorted / scanned / stored.” Same with your slides! ‘Nuff said. (Please click on the image to see our short video on the subject.)



So, as many of you know—especially if you’re reading this blog—old-school 35mm slides used to be EVERYWHERE, and often these slides contain the ONLY images of a particular event / gathering / or individuals (see pix above).

This being the case, make sure you SAFELY STORE your original slides after you’ve sorted and perhaps scanned them (“highly recommended, scanning is” – Yoda).



  archival kits      archival kits  
Slide Storage Systems will hold up to 1,200 slides, and include everything to help you organize & safely store what you’ve got.
(Please click on either pix for more information.)



When it comes time to organize and preserve these one-of-a-kind treasures, consider using our Slide Storage Systems—available in tan or black to match your tastes and decor (see pix above)—as these 100% archival kits include EVERYTHING YOU NEED to get organized in acid-free splendor!



  archival kits        archival kits
Got a zillion slides? No problem. Read on!
(Please click on either pix for more information.)



In our short video we also briefly discuss archival kits for storing tons of slides (see pix above), namely our Slide Storage Kit (see pix below).



archival kits
Yeah, up to 2,400 slides fit in this killer archival kit. Got even more than THAT??? Order two! (Please click on the pix for more information.)



So, there ya have it—archival kits that will address ALL you slide storage needs.

Before ya go, make sure you check out our short video on the topic here, if ya haven’t already, and for even MORE in-depth info check out our fully-illustrated blog on slide storage here.



archival kits
Archival Methods – bringing you the BEST in short videos on all sorts of archival kits & products since 1957 (or last Thursday, which is probably more accurate). (But seriously, folks, please click on the image to see ALL of our cool archival videos.)



Well folks, we hope you’ve found something of interest in our quick tour of some of the 1-minute videos we’ve been making.

We’re already busy creating a whole series of NEW Archival Methods videos to cover everything imaginable, so stay tuned!

archival kits

In the meantime, please check out our wide assortment of illustrated 
blogs and our selection of other informative, short ‘n sweet videosAnd, as always, please CONTACT US with any questions you may have regarding YOUR OWN archival challenges. We have over 120 YEARS(!!!) of combined experience in the arts, sciences and alchemy of archival storage and presentation, and are always there to answer your questions and guide you through whatever you need to know.