Top 5 UNIQUE Photo Archiving & Genealogy Gift Ideas for FATHER’S DAY!


Top 5 UNIQUE Photo Archiving & Genealogy Gift Ideas for FATHER’S DAY!



        Father's Day  
My Dad, from an old photo album from around 1934 (left pix), and from a drugstore film processing envelope I found from 1974 (right pix).
Yup, Father’s Day is coming up fast, folks! This illustrated blog is full of unique ideas that can include YOUR family photo & genealogy archiving projects,
which makes them the PERFECT gifts—gifts that Dad will actually APPRECIATE and REMEMBER FOREVER (because they’re all acid-free & archival!!!).
(Please click on the left image to see our fully-illustrated blog on Preserving Photo Albums,
and click on the right image to see our illustrated blog on Preserving Snapshots.)



A few weeks before MOTHER’S DAY we published a blog on great (ARCHIVAL!) ideas for both Mother’s Day & Father’s Day.

Well, Mother’s Day has come & gone, but FATHER’S DAY is right around the corner!

As such we thought we would revisit and retool some QUICK IDEAS(!) for using items from your family archive to create the PERFECT and MOST UNIQUE Father’s Day gifts: 


Top 5 UNIQUE Photo Archiving & Genealogy Gift Ideas for
Father’s Day!


                 1. Family Snapshots

                 2. Matting & Framing Projects

                 3. 35mm Slides

                 4. Heirloom Fabrics & Textiles

                 5. Archival Methods Gift Certificates





Top 5 UNIQUE Father’s Day Gifts: #1 – Your Family Snapshots



  Father's Day      Father's Day  
While you’re looking through your “family archives” you’ll often turn up THIS sort of disorganized mess (pix on left), which can
EASILY be turned into a 100% ACID-FREE archive of family snapshots (pix on right) with one of our many all-in-one archival kits,
which can THEN be used as the PERFECT Father’s Day gift! Yeah, you can trust me on THAT one, folks.

(Please click on the left-hand image to see our fully-illustrated blog on Preserving Snapshots,
please click on the right-hand image to see our complete, easy-to-use 4×6 Archive 900 Kit.)



If, while you’re rummaging through your stuff, you find irreplaceable family photographs in an old shoebox—or on your phone or computer hard drive (see pix below)—think about how you can turn what you find in these family archives into WONDERFUL archiving projects and FANTASTIC Father’s Day gift ideas!



  Father's Day     Father's Day  
Got pix in an old shoebox or on your phone / tablet / computer? Yeah, follow these 4 key steps:  SORT / STORE / SCAN / SHARE!
(Please click on either image to see our fully-illustrated blog on these 4 easy-to-follow steps.)


In addition to preserving your family photographs in any one of our many 100% acid-free kits, another thing you can do for Dad with the cluttered mess of old snapshots you find (see pix above) is to put together a personalized (and ARCHIVAL!) photo album of these irreplaceable photographic memories (see pix below)!



  Father's Day     Father's Day  
The PERFECT archival 3-ring Print Pages for ANY personalized photo album you want to give to Dad on Father’s Day
are only a mouse click away! They’re easy to use and a FAST & INEXPENSIVE way to assemble a completely archival album!

(Please click on each image for more information.)



Yup, make Dad an archival family photo album that will last a lifetime (and beyond!). It’s easy to do with archival
3-Ring Binder Pages (including our three NEW page designs, see pix above and click here for more info) for every sized photograph or snapshot you have, ANY of which will fit in ALL of our museum-quality 3-Ring Binders.

Better yet, offer to work on this album TOGETHER so that you can learn all about your family’s history—right from Dad himself!



Father's Day
No matter what type of archival album and pages you choose to use, NOTHING says “personalized” Father’s Day gift better than family photos that YOU’VE brought together for Dad (& Mom!) to enjoy and share! (Please click on the image for more information.)





Top 5 UNIQUE Father’s Day Gifts: #2 – Matting & Framing 



  Father's Day      Father's Day      Father's Day      Father's Day  
10-year-old kid drawing (on left). Artistic value = zero (it’s mine, so I can say that). Value to Dad = priceless!
You can easily frame old drawings, photos, 
what-have-you in Gallery 12 Wood Frames, which include
EVERYTHING you need to frame whatever matted image you want (click here for more info on matting).
Dad will love it! You can trust me on THAT one, folks!
(Please click on each image for more information.)



While digging through your attic or basement you will undoubtedly find some “classic treasures” like the kid drawing above. Yeah, it’s rough / weird / not all that well done, but Dad & Mom saved it for so long (50+ years) because it MEANS SOMETHING TO THEM!

It’s EASY to archivally mat and frame treasures like this! Simply order a custom-cut archival mat online with our easy-to-use mat cutting template (which does ALL the math for you!), and pick out what type of frame you’d like.

You’ll save a ton of $$$ by putting it all together yourself, and Dad will LOVE IT! 



  Father's Day     Father's Day     Father's Day  
Another drawing (of my Mom) from the family archive, and…um… definitely NOT drawn by tree “artist” above!
Archivally matting & framing this drawing for my Dad for Father’s Day is SUPER EASY, and I can do it ALL myself.
You can too, with YOUR OWN drawings / photographs / collectibles / & genealogy artifacts!
(Please click on each image for more information.)





Top 5 UNIQUE Father’s Day Gifts: #3 – 35mm Slide Treasures



OK, so here’s an idea you might not have thought of!

All sorts of great unseen(!) pix are contained in your family’s collection of old 35mm slides. Sure, the days of the “slide show in the living room” might be over (they are!), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t COMPLETELY UNIQUE images in your old slide boxes or carousel trays that no one in the family has seen in decades.

Go exploring and print the best pix you find! Dad will be THRILLED with the results!



  Father's Day     Father's Day  

Old 35mm slides found while sorting / archiving my family’s photographs.
(Please click on any image above or below for our fully-illustrated blog on Preserving 35mm Slides.)

  Father's Day      Father's Day  

One of the 35mm slides I found shows my Dad and his beloved boat, at the side of the old house I grew up in, around 1975.
Crummy slide? Yup. Out of focus? Um, guilty as charged (I was the clumsy 15-year-old who took this pix, back in the day).
Value to me and my old man, as this is the ONLY photograph of this scene? PRICELESS!!!
The next step? Getting it printed and placed in an archival photo album I’m making for Father’s Day!

  Father's Day      Father's Day  
After scanning, enlarging, printing and placing that pix of my Dad & his boat in an album, the original slide then ended
up in an acid-free, fully-indexed
35mm Slide Storage System (on right), archivally safe & secure for generations to come!

(Please click on the left image for information on our 3-Ring 35mm Slide Pages,
and please click on the right image for information on our 35mm Slide Storage System.)





Top 5 UNIQUE Father’s Day Gifts: #4 – Heirloom Fabrics



Looking for REALLY UNIQUE ways to celebrate Dad this Father’s Day?

Well, then step out of the box (no pun intended – see pix below) and do something completely unexpected like archivally preserving important heirloom clothing & fabrics!

Yeah, Dad didn’t see THIS one coming, but it’s practical, archival, and COMPLETELY FROM THE HEART!



  Father's Day       Father's Day  
My high school varsity letterman’s sweater (on left) from a grajillion years ago (back when that sort of thing was a thing), safely 
( = archivally!) preserved in an acid-free Textile Storage Kit (on right). My kids helped me with this for
 Father’s Day. Fantastic!

(Please click on each image for more information on archivally preserving heirloom fabrics and textiles.)

Father's DayAll-in-One Textile Storage Kit, with acid-free Archival Tissue, Cotton Gloves, & moisture absorbing Desiccant.
(Please click on the image for more information.)

  Father's Day     Father's Day  
My own Dad’s old softball team uniform (1950s) is up in the attic, along with his old baby socks (1930s). How surprised
will he be when I take the time to dig out these heirloom fabrics and archivally store them for Father’s Day! BOOM!
(Please click on the left-hand image to see our fully-illustrated blog on Historic Signatures: Preserving Signed Artifacts,
and click on the right-hand image to see our blog on Preserving Wedding Dresses & Heirloom Fabrics.)

So, just how surprised and pleased will YOUR Dad be if you dig his old heirloom fabrics, his military or sports team uniforms, or even his baby clothes out of the attic or basement and archivally preserve them? Very cool!



Top 5 UNIQUE Father’s Day Gifts: #5 – Archival Methods Gift Certificate



So folks, to wrap up our short list of our Top 5 UNIQUE ideas for fantastic Father’s Day gift ideas gleaned from the family archive, consider this:


Father's Day



If you JUST DON’T KNOW what Dad would like most, well then give him an Archival Methods Gift Certificate!

Yup, EVERY father has stuff in the family archive or in his collection that he may want to archivally preserve, or mat & frame and hang on the wall.

So get Dad the gift that he’s not expecting, and then work WITH him to preserve his (and YOUR OWN!) family memories / photographs / & heirlooms!






  Father's Day     Father's Day

  Father's Day     Father's Day  
(Please click on each image for more information.)



So, there you have it, folks! A few quick ideas to consider applying to YOUR OWN archiving projects to turn them into the BEST Father’s Day gifts EVER.

Gifts that are truly FROM THE HEART!!!

And if you don’t know just where to start with your own projects, we hope you’ll take a look at our wide range of fully-illustrated blogs here, and check out our short yet highly informative videos here.

And, as always, just give us a call if you have any questions (see below), as we’re ALWAYS there to help you out!


Happy Father’s Day, Everyone!





Father's Day
“Hi Dad! Just calling to wish you a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! I’m looking forward to looking through the family archive with you soon to see what treasures we can find!”

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