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Drop Side Box
Archival Corrugated Drop Side Box



Archival Solution of the Week:  Archival Corrugated Drop Side Box




Drop Side Box



Archival Methods offers a wide variety of acid-free storage and presentation boxes, and our Archival Corrugated Drop Side Box is one of our most unique. Constructed of acid-free corrugated board in a pleasing blue-gray color, this versatile box provides safe, museum-quality storage for all your medium sized (16 x 20″) and larger sized
(20 x 24″ / 24 x 30″) matted or unmatted artwork, photographs, prints, maps, oversized newspapers, posters, documents, and more!



  Drop Side Box          Drop Side Box  
Drop side CLOSED for secure storage.                                                          Drop side OPEN for easy and safe access.



As implied by its name, the “drop side” construction of our Archival Corrugated Drop Side Box allows for your items to be easily removed from the box without damage (see pix above). Simply open the box, fold down the opening side, and remove your materials safely – without ever having to “dig them out,” which can cause potential damage.



Drop Side Box



The lid of our Archival Corrugated Drop Side Box is completely (and conveniently!) separate from the bottom tray. This allows the lid to be removed and placed elsewhere / out of the way. It can also be used as an adjacent tray to place your prints or materials in as you leaf through them.



Drop Side Box



When the box is closed, the sidewalls of the bottom tray + the sidewalls of the top lid = TWO LAYERS of side / corner impact protection for your stored materials.



Drop Side Box
Each of the signed, limited edition posters (the color image on top) in this box were placed in archival (and re-sealable!) Crystal Clear Bags, with a sheet of acid-free 2-Ply Bright White Mat Board added to each bag to give structural support to each of the items in the box. It’s easy, quick, and allows complete access while further protecting these rare posters during subsequent handling. (Please click on the image for more information.)



For yet a THIRD layer of archival protection, and as a way to make the safe handling of your materials even easier and more secure, it is recommended that your matted or unmatted items should also be placed in an appropriately-sized protective enclosure such as a re-sealable Crystal Clear Bag, perhaps backed with a sheet of acid-free 2-Ply Bright White Archival Mat Board for added structural stability (see pix above); an Archival Polyethylene Bag (also with a sheet of acid-free 2-Ply Museum Board); or interleaved with sheets of Archival Tissue or Paper before being placed in an Archival Corrugated Drop Side Box or any other type of acid-free / archival storage box you may wish to use.

(Please click here to see our fully illustrated blog that explains everything you need to know about “acid-free” materials).



Archival Corrugated Drop Side Box: Sizes Available


          20½  x  16½  x  2½”

          • 24½  x 20½  x  2½”

          • 31½  x  24½  x  2½”



Our Archival Corrugated Drop Side Box is sold in packages of 3 that either ship flat (requiring easy assembly), or as pre-assembled boxes. If assembling them yourself, the self-locking design sets up quickly without fasteners, adhesives or tools (please click here to see our PDF of the simple instructions that come with each Archival Corrugated Drop Side Box order). 



Drop Side Box



If you’re looking for a safe, acid-free storage box that is just perfect for the larger materials in your collection, look no further that our Archival Corrugated Drop Side Box!






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