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While ALL of the museum-quality archival accessories described in this blog are actually used by ALL the different types of individuals listed above, here’s a quick look some of the most common ways these archival accessories are being used by each group—every single day!





Photographers & Artists


  archival accessories     archival accessories


If you walk into practically ANY major arts institution—from internationally renowned museums to your local community art gallery—you’re likely to find various archival accessories such as Linen & Tyvek Tape / Mounting Corners / & Filmoplast Tapes in use every single day



archival accessories     archival accessories     archival accessories  
Left to Right: Archival Linen Tape  / Mounting Corners  / Filmoplast Tape.
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These are the exact same archival accessories that are available for YOU to use when matting your artwork or photographs / mounting your images / or assembling your portfolio.





Genealogists & Family Historians


Similarly, if you visit practically ANY professionally-staffed historical society or municipal archive, you’re likely to find various archival accessories such as White Cotton & Nylon Inspection Gloves / Stablio-All Pencils  / & All-Purpose Index Cards & Dividers in use every single day



  archival accessories     archival accessories     archival accessories
Left to Right: White Cotton Inspection Gloves / Stablio-All Pencils / All Purpose Index Cards.
(Please click on each image for more information.)



These are the exact same archival accessories that are available for YOU to use when handling your delicate genealogy materials / identifying relatives enclosed in protective archival sleeves / & organizing family snapshots & ephemera.




Collectors of All Kinds


Lastly, if you visit the home—or private museum, for that matter—of a major collector, you’re likely to find various archival accessories such as Desiccant Canisters  / Adhesive Backed Label Holders / & Archivally Safe Permanent Markers in use every single day!



  archival accessories     archival accessories     archival accessories  
Left to Right: Desiccant Canister  / Adhesive Backed Label Holders / Archivally Safe Markers.
(Please click on each image for more information.)



These are the exact same archival accessories that are available for YOU to use when keeping your collections—whatever they may be—safe & dry / organizing your collections in binders & acid-free boxes / & safely marking archival enclosures holding your important images & artifacts.





archival accessories



Below we’ll take a quick look at some of these accessories, as the role they each play can be ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to the correct (and SAFE!) archival storage & presentation of whatever it is that YOU have—whether you’re an artist or photographer / a genealogists or family historian / or a collector!





archival accessories
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White Cotton Inspection Gloves are ideal for the safe handling of photographs, negatives, prints, documents, artwork and all kinds of collectibles. These gloves are comfortable to wear and will prevent naturally occurring finger oils from contacting your artwork, documents, or collectibles, and are available in a number of different styles and sizes.

Lintless Nylon Gloves are ideal for the safe handling of prints, negatives, transparencies & artwork. They are available in four sizes, are machine-washable for long-term use and, as their name suggests, they’re “lintless!”










archival accessories
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All-Purpose Index Cards are a useful addition to many of our metal edge boxes for separating and cataloging prints or other contents. They are also useful as placeholders when contents are removed from storage.

These cards are die-cut from 10-point archival card stock (about the thickness of a business card), and are scored on one side and the bottom for easy trimming for use in smaller-size boxes.

And while our Index Dividers were originally designed for use inside our 4 x 6 Print-Caddies, they can be used with other boxes as well!







archival accessories
(Please click on the image for more information.)

Stabilo-All Pencils will allow you to write clearly and legibly on the backs of photographs or film negatives, as well as on glass and metal surfaces. They are water soluble and can be wiped off of smooth surfaces with a damp cloth, or erased easily when used on paper.

The Lumocolor Permanent Marker features neutral-scent ink that is waterproof, smudge-proof, and is safe to use on CD/DVDs, plastics, and all sorts of other surfaces. These markers will write on polyester / polypropylene / and polyethylene plastics, as well as gloss coated papers.

The TechLiner Drawing Marker features an acid-free, free-flowing ink that is perfect for use on paper surfaces.







archival accessories
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High quality Filmoplast Tapes are pH-neutral, non-yellowing and will not deteriorate over time. The adhesives are water-based, which also makes them reversible under most circumstances. These are very popular products for repairing torn documents and book pages, for the hinging of artwork, and for book binding repairs.

Archival Methods’ Linen Tape is perfect for hinging window mats, making map or pamphlet folders, or for bookbinding applications. It’s made of acid-free, cambric-quality tightly-woven linen. It contains no starch fillers and will not flake or become brittle over time. The pH-neutral water-activated adhesive will securely hold any window mat to its backing board.

Our Tyvek Tape is made of strong white nonwoven polyethylene. It resists tears and is ideal for window mat hinges, folder spines, and book repairs. It features a pressure-sensitive adhesive with a removable liner, so no water activation is required.





archival accessories
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These museum-quality Mounting Corners are made of archivally-safe polypropylene, and the high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive does not come in contact with the document or photo being mounted. They are available in 6 different sizes and styles to perfectly match any application you may have.







archival accessories
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These reusable Desiccant Canisters are perfect for extracting harmful moisture within small spaces, boxes and containers. Each can protect up to three cubic feet of sealed space per canister. Simply include one of these canisters with your documents or artifacts and water vapor is absorbed and contained within the desiccant material to maintain a safe relative humidity.

When the round silica gel “window” (center dot in the photo) turns pink you can restore the metal case canister for full reuse in a warm vented oven, and restore the plastic case canister for full reuse in a microwave oven. Avoid very low relative humidity when storing family papers and photographs because relative humidity below 15% can cause brittleness. Keep the relative humidity (rH) below 65% to prevent mold growth and reduce insect activity.









archival accessories
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Our Adhesive Back Vinyl Label Holders are designed for the labeling of storage and presentation boxes, binders, portfolios, and other such products. Each package includes 20 label holders and 20 paper inserts cut to size. We offer various sizes and have listed our recommendations for which size best fits each of our products on our webpage. You’ll never need to “go hunting” for you materials if your archival boxes and binders are clearly labeled!










In closing, these are just a few of the versatile—and actually even CRUCIAL!—accessories that photographers / artists / genealogists / & collectors need to consider using every single day



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