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artifact box
Archival Methods’ versatile acid-free Artifact Box.



Archival Solution of the Week: Acid-Free Artifact Box



So, if you’re anything like me (and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, folks), you’ve got all sorts of objects or artifacts in your family archive or collection that just don’t seem to fit nicely into Metal Edge Drop Front Boxes, Portfolio Boxes, or albums.

If this is the case, then Archival Methods has the answer with our acid-free Artifact Box!



  artifact box          artifact box  
Please click on either image to see our fully-illustrated blog on Preserving Family Photo Albums.



Our versatile, multipurpose acid-free Artifact Box can be used for the safe storage of weird shaped or fragile objects, books and albums (see pix above), dishes and ceramics, holiday ornaments, small heirloom fabrics, magazines, letters, even starships (see pix below).



artifact box
Archival Methods’ Artifact Box is PERFECT for storing odd-shaped objects and artifacts (hence the name of the box). Here a model of the starship Enterprise – ya don’t get any more weirdly-shaped than that, folks – is safely nestled in a bed of Shredded Archival Tissue. (Please click on the image to see our fully-illustrated blog on Preserving Toys: Old & New.)



It is also PERFECT for holding a variety of smaller boxes to consolidate a collection of 35mm slides, stamps, coins, or other objects in one easy-to-access archival box (please see pix below).



artifact box
This is Archival Methods’ 2400 Slide Storage Kit, an all-in-one kit for storing up to 2,400 slides, yet it can also be used to store a host of other items (see pix below). Please note that the main box that holds the 12 smaller slide boxes is our acid-free Artifact Box, which is the focus of this blog. (Please click on the image for more information.)



  Titanic Model in Box 2       Toys Pez 3 In Box



While designed to hold 35mm slides, these Slide Boxes can also be used to store all sorts of other items in your collection (see pix above), and then placed together in our Artifact Box, which can be purchased separately or as part of the complete 2400 Slide Storage Kit pictured above (please click here for our fully-illustrated blog on Preserving 35mm Slides). 

On the left is a model of the Titanic cushioned with Shredded Archival Tissue (please click here for our fully-illustrated blog on Preserving Titanic Collectibles – and Everything Else!).

On the right are collectible toy Pez dispensers stored in archival HD Poly Envelopes for 35mm film (please click here for our fully-illustrated blog on Preserving Toys: Old and New).





Acid-Free Artifact Box: The Specs


•  Our Artifact Box is made from purified alpha cellulose corrugated board stock that is buffered with 3% calcium carbonate.

Translation: This fine Artifact Box is acid-free and lignin-free, and is therefore safe for both long-term storage and day-to-day use (please click here to see our fully-illustraded blog on Archival Definitions: Acid-Free / Buffered / Unbuffered).  

•  In terms of size, the interior measures a roomy 14-3/4” x 12” x 5”, which gives you a storage capacity of half a cubic foot of space.

•  Our Artifact Box is constructed from a single wall 1/8-inch thick B-flute archival corrugated board stock, and is rated at 200-lbs.

•  This versatile box comes in a pleasant blue-gray color, and the safe dyes that are used are both color-fast and non-bleeding so that in the unlikely event that your Artifact Box accidentally gets a bit wet no color will transfer to your precious family heirlooms or collectibles.





Acid-Free Artifact Box: Flexible (and Convenient!) Ways to Order



Archival Methods acid-free Artifact Box can be ordered in one of two ways, each depending on what’s most convenient for you.



artifact box         artifact box



You can order our pre-assembled Artifact Box individually (left-hand pix above), or to save money on shipping – if ordering more than one box – they are also available in a package of 3 that are shipped flat (right-hand pix above). Assembly of the flat Artifact Box is both quick and easy, and requires NO tools or adhesives!






artifact box



In closing, if you need a safe, acid-free storage solution for items in your family archive or collection, please consider Archival Methods’ Artifact Box. As the name implies, it’s PERFECT for all your artifacts!

If you’d like more information on archival museum-quality storage options – or if you’re looking for larger or smaller archival boxes – please click on the links below to see our other illustrated and informative blogs:


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