Our 100th* Blog! Archival Storage of Photography | Family Artifacts | Collectibles!



archival storageYay! This is Archival Methods’ 100th* Blog!
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Our 100th* Blog!  Archival Storage of Photography / Family Artifacts / Collectibles



*Ok, ok, so this is NOT our 100th blog!

It’s actually our 101st blog!!!

We’ve chosen to make some noise with this 101st blog for two reasons:


1.)  it’s a great opportunity to announce the NEXT 100 blogs that we’re ALREADY busy writing! Stay tuned for:


      new American Family Archive blogs, which are informative (of course!) yet often QUITE humorous!

      • a new series of Photographic Archive blogs on the stunning collections of the George Eastman Museum

      • a great blog on the “revival” of Black & White Film Photography (hint: it never really went away, folks!)

       a continuation of our in-depth Archival Solution of the Week series (which saves you 15% each week!)

      • plus much, much more!


2.)  we can offer you a quick look back at a few of our FIRST 100 BLOGS (by popular categories, see list below) that are chock full of well-illustrated tips and tricks for the archival storage and presentation of ALL your photographs, snapshots & artwork / your family artifacts and genealogy materials / & whatever it is you collect!



So, let’s take a quick look….





Our First 100 Blogs:  Archival Storage and Presentation of Your Photographs



  archival storage       archival storage       archival storage  
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Over the past 100 blogs we have covered a number ways to address the archival storage and presentation of photographs & snapshots / 35mm slides & home movies /  art photography / even organizations & institutions dedicated to the past, present and future of photography. (Please click on each link to go directly to that blog.)


           American Family Archives / Preserving Snapshots

          • American Family Archives / Preserving Photo Albums

          • American Family Archives / Dating Photos & Media

          • American Family Archives / Preserving 35mm Slides

          • American Family Archives / 8mm Home Movies & Films

          • Presenting Photographs & Prints / A Quick Hack

          • Family Photographs #1 / An Anonymous Tintype

          • Photographic Archives / Case Study – Visual Studies Workshop

          • Association of Personal Photo Organizers / Pros You Should Know(!)





Our First 100 Blogs:  Archival Storage and Presentation of Family Artifacts



  archival storage       archival storage       archival storage    
(Please click on each image for more information.)



Genealogical materials & documents, and important or sentimental family artifacts, are often quite varied. These include everything from important family letters / toys you (or your parents or grandparents or even your great-grandparents!) played with and kept / wedding dresses / even family recipes!

Each of these various types of artifacts require careful archival storage and preservation, and our many fully-illustrated blogs on these subjects can show you how! (Please click on each link to go directly to that blog.)


          • American Family Archives / Sorting Through Family History

          • Preserving Old Letters in the Digital Age

          • Preserving Old Recipes / Treasuries of Family Traditions

          • American Family Archives / Preserving Toys – Old & New

          • American Family Archives / Preserving Wedding Dresses & Heirloom Fabrics

          • A Mid-Summer Thought / Three “I” Words of Genealogy

          • Your 4th of July Memories / Some Thoughts on Visual Genealogy

          • Tips on Storing Quilts / Safe Practices and Materials





Our First 100 Blogs:  Archival Storage and Presentation of Your Collectibles



  archival storage       archival storage       archival storage  
(Please click on each image for more information.)



People (like you!) collect just about EVERYTHING! Just scroll through what’s available on eBay and you’ll see what I mean. Better yet, look at YOUR OWN collection of whatever it is you collect and you’ll clearly see that the need for the safe archival storage and presentation of your prized possessions is TREMENDOUSLY important.

This being the case, we’re constantly writing new blogs on the materials and procedures YOU need to preserve YOUR collectibles. And while these blogs are sometimes based on SPECIFIC collectibles, like our piece on Titanic artifacts (see link below), they always contain information that applies to many other types of items that may be in YOUR collection. (Please click on each link to go directly to that blog.) 


          • American Family Archives / Postcards – Family History & Archival Care

          • Historic Signatures / Preserving Signed Artifacts

          • Archival Preservation / Titanic Collections (& Everything Else!)

          • Archivally Storing & Preserving Paper Drawings

          • Archival Solution of the Week / Newspaper & Magazine Storage Kits

          • Archival Solution of the Week / Document Storage Kit

          • Archival Storage Boxes Part 1 / Flat Storage

          • Archival Storage Boxes Part 2 / Object and Artifact Storage

          • Archival Storage Boxes Part 3 / Documents and Records





Our First 100 Blogs:  Helpful Tips & Everything Else



  archival storage       archival storage       archival storage  
(Please click on each image for more information.)



In addition the wide range of blogs mentioned above that are centered on the archival storage and presentation of your photographs & snapshots / your genealogical materials & family artifacts / and a wide range of collectibles, many of our blogs are focused on more general procedures, materials, and ideas YOU should know all about. (Please click on each link to go directly to that blog.)


          • Short & Sweet / Our Informative Archival Products Videos

          • Prevent Regrets / The Holidays & Your Family Archive

          • Your Professional Portfolio / Part 1 / Matting Your Artwork

          • Your Professional Portfolio / Part 2 / Mounting Your Artwork

          • Your Professional Portfolio / Part 3 / Portfolio Boxes, Cases, Folios

          • Your Professional Portfolio / Part 4 / Art Carrying Cases & Transport

          • Archival Definitions: Acid-Free / Buffered / Unbuffered

          • Framing Art for an Elegant and Professional Look

          • Conservators / Pros You Should Know





Our First 100 Blogs:  Here’s to the Next 100 Blogs!



archival storage
A family postcard of the conga line at the party celebrating Archival Methods’ NEXT 100 blogs! (Please click on the image for more information.)



Yes, folks, while we have certainly enjoyed spending time celebrating the last 100 blogs we have written for you, we are tremendously excited to jump right into the NEXT 100 blogs we have coming!

So, in closing, we hope you have enjoyed (and learned from!) our efforts thus far, and will check back often to see what’s new.

We also hope you’ll share our valuable, straight-forward, fully-illustrated (and often quite humorous!) blogs with those you think might like them, and until we meet again with our 102nd blog, all of us here at Archival Methods wish you the best in your efforts to preserve your past and your present…for your future!





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